What if YooSu story 3
Title:What if Yoosu Story ch 3
Paring YunJae and Yoosu

The Next Day

Junsu: Yunho picked Jaejoong up just like he promised. Jaejoong walked out of his house with a face mask on. Once he set in Yunho's car he coughed. Yunho looked at him worried.

Yunho" are you alright?"

Jaejoong coughed " yeah I just have a little cold"

They drive to school was silent. Except for the occasional cough.


AT School

Jaejoong and Yunho walked side by side. Yunho pouting( because his boyfriend doesn't want to hold hands so Yunho won't get sick). When they saw Yoochun and a blushed Junsu walking to them. Once Junsu saw Jaejoong he ran up to him and grabbed his wrist and ran away dragging Jaejoong with him. Yunho was surprised.

Yunho" whats that all about?"

Yoochun" nothing my Su just being his cute shy self" grinning Yoochun stated


Junsu dragged Jaejoong in to an empty class room.  And locked the door.

Jaejoong "what (breath)  was (breath) that all about?"

Jaejoong had his hands on his knees steady his breath. Junsu looked more flushed then tired.

Junsu" Hyung-ah  I.....um.....yesterday when i called .."

Yoochun: Junsu looked nerves. Jaejoong remembered the phone call and felt worried. Maybe Junsu really was kidnapped. Junsu was cute many tried stuff on him and on Jaejoong but they were always together so they can protect each other. May be someone took advantage of him not being there.

Jaejoong grabbed Junsu's arms "what happened yesterday?...did someone do something to you?"
Junsu looked down blushing and Jaejoong knew he was right.

Jaejoong was pissed off someone could do something to his innocent Junsu.

Junsu blushed "Yoochun He...."
Junsu was cut off By Jaejoongs angry yell "THAT BASTERED" .

 He was about to leave to find and kill Yoochun when his arm was grabbed by Junsu.

Junsu" NO NO its not like that"

Jaejoong was pissed off "THEN WHAT IS IT LIKE JUNSU?"

Junsu" I....he....um....I just ...."


Junsu "HE LIKES .....me"

Jaejoong calmed down.

Jaejoong" and?"

Junsu" he told me he likes me....he wants an answer after schools"

Jaejoongs smiled and hugged Junsu. He knew how much Junsu was in loved with Yoochun. This was perfect. He and Yunho now Yochun and Junsu. Perfect.

Junsu" yesterday i was kinda over reacting and wanted to go home but he grabbed my phone and send you a massage...He begged me to hear him out we just talked hyung-ah i swear"

Jaejoong was sooooo happy for Junsu. But Junsu still haven't answered Yoochun.

Jaejoong" what did you tell him?"
Junsu" that ill ill think about it"
Jaejoong eyes shot wide open. He was shocked.

Jaejoong " i see. after school you'll tell him. do you know what you'll say?"

Junsu blushed and looked down a shy yes slip through his lips. Jaejoong smiled and patted his cute friend on the back. "FIGHTING JUNSU". With that Jaejoong left Junsu at the door of there class.

Junsu whispers "yes Fighting " and runs in to class after his friend.


Title: Goofy Grin

Jaejoong was in bed at 11:30 but there was only one person who was doing any sleeping. Yunho had a tight grip on Jaejoongs waist. He tried to escape 3 times already but failing every time.

'your not sleeping are you...YUNHO!!!' Jaejoong was convinced that Yunho was wide awake playing games with him.

But there was no way to be sure. So he planed his 4th escape. Jaejoong slowly got Yunho's right hand to let go of his left. He raised it and began slipping out slowly.

'HAHA I'm gonna make it this time'. He was almost out when Yunho pulled his hand out of Jaejoong's and grabbed his wrist pulling him down.

'Yunho is stronger then I thought'. When he turned around he fell face first inches away from Yunho's chest. Yunho's arm's tied around Jaejoongs waist protectively and he stopped moving

Jaejoong's POV

NOOOOOOO!!!! YOUR AWAKE AREN'T YOU!!!! i tried to pull his arms apart but nothing.AAAAHHH!! I dropped my head gently on his chest after a minute of pulling and tugging on his hands and arms. I was tiered of trying.


I listened to the his heart beat. His slow breathing and clam heart beat together created a relaxing lullaby by for me. His arms always made me feel safe and warm. My eyes slowly closed as sleep took over me and i drifted in to my beautiful garden dream and in the middle stud my true love. I had this dream for a long time but all i got to see was his tall frame among thousands of beautifully wild flowers. But not this time. This time I walked closer to him and stopped when his back was in front of me I pocked his shoulder and he began to turned around. YES I'LL FINALLY SEE HIS FACE. He turned. Now facing me and I want in to shock.


"Hi Boo" he leaned in and we kissed.But I DIDN'T PUSH HIM AWAY??! I just closed my eyes and kissed him back. He's.... actually kinda..... good kisser.


ENd of POV


Jaejoong Jumped up only to be pulled back like a rubber band and hit some thing warm and hard with skin on it. Jaejoong forehead broke his fall. He rubbed it furiously. 'OWWWW!!!' He looked at what he fell on.

"Yunho" Jaejoong remembered the dream and turned red and having his lips only 2 inched away from Yunho's wasn't helping ether. Jaejoong licked his lips. His tong accidentally touched Yunhos bottom lip.


"AHHH" Jaejoong jumped again freeing him self from Yunho's arms and falling on the floor. Yunho eyes opened wide after hearing a loud scream and some thing or someone falling to the floor.

"Jaejoong-ah are you okay?" Yunho got out from the bed and ran to Jaejoongs pulled him up by his arm.

"Yea just fell off the `BANG!!!BANG!!!!!` AHHHH" Jaejoong held on to what ever was next to him. AKA YUNHO.

"Its okay Joongie its only thunder" Yunho hugged him back patting his head lovingly. Jaejoong didn't push Yunho away. Insted he snuggled next to his chest.

'he all ways so nice and warm... damn you Yunho'

"Jaejoong you have a red spot on your forehead" Yunho took Jaejoong's face in to his hands and examined the spot.

After a few seconds of staring.

"Dose it hurt?" Yunho had a worried look on his face. 'why would you care?' Jaejoong snapped at him in his head but put a fake smile on.

"just a little...don't worry about..." Yunho leaned in and Kissed the red spot gently. Jaejoong thought his heart will explode so he pushed Yunho away.

"W-wwhy did Y-yyou do that?" Jaejoong had his hand over the spot and his face pink as he looked at Yunho's smiling face.

"so it wont hurt...is it better now?" Yunho started happy but ended in worry. Jaejoong looked at the floor as he felt his face turn bright red.

"why would you care?"

'Shit it slipped out... and it sound so cold' Jaejoong slapped him self mentally. He couldn't look at Yunho in the eye with out blushing.

"OH But I do Joongie" Yunho walked up to Jaejoong. He pushed up Jaejoongs chin gently with his long fingers. Jaejoong still looked away from Yunho.

"Look at Me Kim Jaejoong"

Yunho's POV

He tried running away 4 times the last 20 minutes. But why did he just stop and hug me like that and In his sleep were we cuddling?....He even said my name before he freaked and fell off the bed.

Jaejoong let me hold him after he got scared and snuggled closer. May be this will be a good time to make my move.

Please don't be mad at me later Jaejoongie.

He looked at me after i told him too. He is so beautifully with his blushed face, big doe eyes that sparkle like the stars them self's are trapped in them and that pout on those red glossy plump lips. I pulled him really close against my chest. He's heart was beating so fast. Just as fast as mine.


End of POV

Yunho leaned in and left a quick short kiss on Jaejoongs lips. 'DID HE JUST.....HE JUST....KISSED ME!!!' Jaejoong looked shocked at first but then Out of nowhere he leaned forward and kissed Yunho. There kiss was longer slow and filled with passion. No tong. No lust. Just pure love. Jaejoong pulled away first and pushed him self out of Yunho arms before running out of the room. Yunho was left in the bedroom with a goofy grin on his face.

'YES!!!!your mine Jaejoongie'

Jaejoong's POV

SHIT!!! SHIT!!! SHIT!!! SHIT!! I KISSED HIM.... NO...NO... he kissed me first.... BUT I KISSED HIM LAST!!!! MY heart was flying around in my chest as I smiled then started to giggled for no reason.


End of POV

YunJae Chapter 1
Title: Had me at Hello

Summery: Your the only one that makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time.

YunJae: ?shot

Jaejoong sat in a cafe sipping his coffee. He wanted to call Junsu but he knew he'd be with Yoochun for a long awaited YooSu time since Yoochun came back from visiting his parents in America today. Jaejoong was happy but sad. He was happy cause the pass two week Yoochun was away Junsu fallowed him every where repeating ~i miss chunie~ he was happy that finally ended but they reminded him of how lonely he was.

"AISH!!" Jaejoomg was frustrated he wanted his happy every after now. ' why cant i fall in love like Junsu.... AISH I'm hopeless' Jaejoong took a beep breath making his cheeks puffy as he slowly let the air out. Jaejoong looked around. There were lots of people in the cafe he was in maybe he'll find someone here.


"NO IM NOT GOING IN" a handsome man yelled at his best friend and his boyfriend.

"Come on Yunho  you wanted coffee ...so go in and get some" said Yunho's best friend

"Yoochun he's right there...facing the door he'll see me then id have to sit with him talk to him" Yoochun looked at Yunho confused and thought ' what was the big deal if Jaejoong saw him '

"Suuuu..what should i do?" Yoochun whinnied to his boyfriend. All 3 stood now in front of the door of the cafe.

"look some guy is hitting on Jaejoong!!!" Junsu yelled out and pointed making both Yunho and Yoochun look. Junsu took the opportunity to open the door and push Yunho inside the cafe and close the door behind him with a loud bang to make sure Jaejoong saw Yunho and it worked. Yunho turned to face the door. Anger raising in him he was about to open the door to teach Junsu a lesson but

"Yunho?" the voice called out to him. Yunho's anger disappeared and he turned to the owner of the sweet voice he loved so much Jaejoong smiled at him and waved for him to walk over.

Jaejoongs POV

There was a loud bang. I looked to see a man that looked like Yunho angry at some one.

"Yunho?" he turned and it was Yunho I smiled waved him to come sit with me i was so happy that i wont spend this terrible day alone Yunho always makes me smile. I hope he wont mind spending the day with me.

end of POV

"of course ill hang with you Jaejoong" Yunho smiled at him a faint pink on his cheeks Jaejoong noticed and smiled making Yunho Blush more. 'he can be so cute when hes all red' Jaejoong giggled.

"so why do you wanna hang with me today?" Yunho needed to distracted Jaejoong from his blush face or more like he wanted to distract him self from blushing.

"your my friend and you always make me feel better every time Yoosu have they're moments...I don't feel alone when I'm with you Yunho" Jaejoong smiled at him and Yunho blushed again he couldn't look Jaejoong in the eye after that.

They watched a movie hanged out in the arcade and had dinner. Laughing the entire time. Jaejoong spirit was cheerful and playful again. Yunho is the only one besides Junsu who can turn his frown upside down so quickly. Yunho drove Jaejoong home and walked him to his door. The lights were out so no Junsu. 'i guess he stayed at Yoochuns' Jaejoong frowned thinking that he'd sleep in an empty house today. The lonely feeling came back but want away quickly as he looked at Yunho's smiling face.

"Yunho... want to..um..come in?" Jaejoong didn't want to be alone today and he knew how to get what he wanted. He put on his puppy dog eyes and a small but visible pout. Yunho never resists his pouts but he put on the puppy dog eyes so he won't have to ask again.

Yunho was powerless and nodded. Jaejoong giggled happily and pulled Yunho inside and closed the door locking it too making sure Yunho cant run away. Yunho came to his senses when Jaejoong ran to his room to find Yunho something to sleep in.

Yunho's POV

What just happen?!?........ Okay....... Yunho come down.....Just play it all back.... he put on THE FACE and u said you'll come in. He put on the FACE again and you said you wiLL SLEEP OVER!!!! WWHAT???.

I pulled out my phone and called Junsu. Jaejoong will only Liston to Junsu and hes the only one that can resist Jaejoong. Well Yoochun can too but he'll just say jump him and hang up.

Junsu: Hello?


Junsu: don't worry just sleep on the couch.

"Yunho it gets cold in the living room and since you shear a bed with Yoochun at your apartment you can sleep in my room and i wont take no for an answer Yoochuns gonna kill me if you'll get sick." I heard Jaejoong say from his room door.

"who are you calling?" Jaejoong entered the living room.

"I'm just letting Yoochun know I'm sleeping here" I tried my best to stay calm.

"Okay I'm gonna shower your PJ's  are in my room on the bed if you wanna shower just use Junsu's bathroom Yoochun left some of his shower stuff there and i know that there really yours" Jaejoong left for the bathroom after that i Ran to Junsu's bathroom and locked the door and i freaked out again.

Junsu: Yunho ...you there?


Junsu: came down Yunho no copy and he wont rape you pulse its not like he can over power you pulse you'd let him to rape you any way.

Yunho: Yea and NO HE"S NOT GONNA RAPE ME HE"S NOT A PERVERT LIKE YOU TWO....I'm more scared that ill rape him..why don't you just come back so he wont feel alone and I'll get to go home...you'll be protecting Jaejoongie's virginity

Junsu: that's low Yunho...Tisk Tisk...trying to put guilt on my Su like that

Yunho: Yoochun?

Yoochun: yea..look if he asked you to come in and sleep in the same room he's asking for you to move on him so stop whining and pounce.

moment of silence then BEEP BEEP BEEP

SHIT!!! Yoocun hung up I'm on my own. Jaejoong I'm so sorry. He'll never talk to me again.

end of POV

Yunho with a huge pout walked to Jaejoongs room and took his PJ's took a shower and confirmed that Yoochun took his stuff. But Yoochun never smelled like any of his shampoos, body soap or colon. 'that's wired' Yunho thought. He walked out of the bathroom and saw Jaejoong staring at him more like on his body. Yunho looked down and saw that the t-shirt Jaejoong gave him was sticking to his body out lining all of his muscles and it was transparent in few wet spots on the shirt because his wet hair was still dripping. Yunho had an idea.

' If Jaejoong moved on him first it be his fault something happened between...Jaejoong knows that i can't resist him so he can't blame me if he kissed me and i kissed back'

end of POV

Jaejoong didn't notice that Yunho Knows he was staring at his chest he walked toured Jaejoong innocently.

"Ok Joongie lets go to sleep" Jaejoong head shot up to look at Yunho he got up and took Jaejoong hand and pulled him to his room. Yunho dropped him self on one side of the bed and snuggled under the covers.

"Come on Jaejoongie...you'r not sleeping standing up" Yunho pulled Jaejoong to the bed and he fell on top of Yunho only inches away from his face. Jaejoongs face turned red and he quickly got off Yunho and turned his back to Him as he slipped under the covers making sure he dosen't touch Yunho with any part of his body.

'did Yunho always look like that?........ Hes handsome i knew that but why am i so warm?...... My heart beats so fast but it always dose when i hang out with him. AISH!!!....... Junsu said I like Yunho but i didn't think i like him more then a friend. Stupid.... Stupid nice timing to figure out you have the hots for him JAEJOONG!!! This is gonna be so embarrassing ' Jaejoong hid his face in his pillow but not for too long as some one meaning Yunho pulled him in to his arms.

'W-what are y-you doing Yunho?" Jaejoong felt warm NO boiling as Yunho hugged him from behind. Pressing his chest on Jaejoongs back.

"I always sleep with Bambi but its not here so your the replacement" Yunho snuggled closer and fell asleep. But for poor Jaejoong it wasn't that simple .

What if? YooSU's story
Title: What if  YooSu part 1
Paring: YunJae some YooSu
Next day

Changmin woke up. He smelled  food so he jumped off the bed and ran in to the kitchen. Jaejoong was cooking with Yunho attached to his back singing a song in to Jaejoongs ear. They would giggle every now and then so Changmin left them alone and walked to the living room to find Yoosu there.

"Hey MIN!!! come play as we wait for breakfast" Yoochun announced and Changmin joined Yoosu play a video game.

After Breakfast

 All 5 of them sat like they sat yesterday around the coffee table with snacks and soda.

"okay its Yoochuns turn" announced Changmin
"Su and i made a story together so we will be telling it"
"HEY that's against the rules" argued Changmin
"there are no rules min" snapped Yoochun
Yoosu began there story

JUNSU: Once upon a time in a all boys school there was a cute school boy named Junsu and he was in love with the schools most popular guy named Yoochun.

"YAH!!! this is suppose to be about YUNJAE NOT YOOSU" Changmin yelled
"it is " said Junsu and continued. Yunjae just sat and listened to the story.

Junsu tried many time to approach and ask Yoochun out but at the end he always would forget his words and ran away not noticing that his crush Yoochun would smile and whisper 'cute' every time Junsu woulds Talk to him and run away.

YOOCHUN: Junsu then noticed that his best friend Jaejoong was gloomier then normal.
"whats wrong Jaejoong?" Junsu asked worried
"the couple festival is this month" said Jaejoong and signed as he slipped more  in to depression.
Junsu signed. He should have known Jaejoong always gets depressed around the time the festival comes around and there was nothing he could do but wait until the festival passes. All the attempts to get Jaejoong together with someone turn in disaster when the guy would get too touch with Jaejoong, but all the guys would show up Monday with a busted lip and a black eye. Jaejoong looked like the boy in distress type but he wasn't. Junsu took a good look around the lunch room. He was looking for Yoochun. And he found him, Siting with his best friend Yunho. He slipped away from Jaejoong and sneaked closer to Yoochuns table.

JUNSU:Yoochun was talking to Yunho about the festival. Yunho looked as depressed as Jaejoong.

"just ask anyone" said Yoochun a little annoyed by Yunho.
Yunho always gets depressed when the couple festival came around even thou every type of girl would ask him out during weekends and the dances that the principals would organize with the all girl schools. Yunho would say no and get depressed that he has no one to go with.

"i cant just ask anyone its for couples" answered Yunho miserably
"AISH!!!....that's why u should ask someone" yoochun scanned the lunchroom and saw Jaejoong depressed at his table and smirked Junsu saw he was looking at Jaejoong and felt Jealous.
"how about him...he's bummed out probably about the same thing (he pointed at Jaejoong and Yunho looked) he's pretty and he has a cute
friend so we can double date" Yoochun said happy Junsu at that walked quickly back to Jaejoong. He talked with Jae but kept an eye on Yoochun and Yunho as he pointed to Jaejoong then Yunho then to Junsu then to himself. His heart beat speed up as he thought of what that mean ' is he the cute friend?' he hoped with all is heart he was.

YOOCHUN: After school Jaejoong got picked up by his mom and Yunho drove home. Yoochun saw Junsu walking alone and ran up to him.
"hey your Junsu...Jaejoongs friend right?" Yoochun asked happily. Junsu in deep shock just nodded.
"cool i need your help see my friend doesn't have a date for the festival so i want to ask if Jaejoong has one?" Yoochun leaned closed and smiled his sweet smile and Junsu was speechless. Junsu took to long to answer so he thought it was too late.
"dose he?" Yoochun asked hurt Junsu snapped out of his trance and answered
"n-o....no he doesn't ."
"YES!!!....okay you and me will set my friend up with your friend since they both looked horrible today" Yoochun stated and Junsu agreed YES 'I 'LL GET TO SPEND TIME WITH YOOCHUN!!' Junsu screamed in his head happily.
"but why Jaejoong?" Junsu was curios
"i don't know........hm..... they just look good together and i have a feeling they would be perfect for each other..... i don't know why but i just do" Yoochun looked at Junsu who wasn't looking at him but agreed. Yoochun checked Junsu out from head to toe 'hm he's still cute even if he isn't trying to say something' yoochun smiled

JUNSU:Next day was Saturday so Yoochun and Junsu set up to meet up in a park they both knew. Junsu got there first or so he thought.

'hes not here yet...may be im too early' Junsu looked at his watch is was 1 pm just like they agreed too. "may be it was 2...no he's just late" Junsu waited and waited until he finally spotted Yoochun walking tours him. He didn't know that Yoochun was watching him the entire time he was mumbling to him self.

"Hey your ready?" Yoochun asked and Junsu nodded. They left the park and want to a restaurant and sat in a booth far away from others. They ordered and when the food came as soon as the waiter left they began to plot how to get Yunho and Jaejoong together.
"Yunho will be easy but Jaejoong wont we should considerate on him first" Yoochun began
"why would u say that Yunho is easy I've never seen him date and he's the one asked but everyone in our school and outside too...well except me and Jaejoong" said Junsu.
"precisely .... Yunho  know what he wants and Jaejoong has it all.
"YAH!!!! YOOCHUN WHAT ARE YOU ASSUMING?" Junsu was burning holes thru Yoochuns head.
"I don't mean in THAT way I mean in general.....hes attractive, sweet, nice, he cooks, cleans,and brushes off dirt from jackets right? (junsu was a little jealous that Yoochun knew all that about Jaejoong) I've watched him when i decided to pair them up and Jaejoong fit every one of Yunhos requirements. Pulse Yunho noticed those things in Jaejoong when i told him about Jaejoong. He almost smiled and that's a good sign i even caught him looking at your friend so he's hooked .......now we need to hook Jaejoong" Yoochun explained. They thought for a little then Junsu smiled and said.
"i got it"

Later that day Yoochun took Yunho to the park where Junsu and Jaejoong already waited but Jaejoong and Yunho had no idea why they where there. Jaejoong stood under the trees letting the golden leaves fall all around him as they were carried by the wind with few of his ebony black hair strands danced over his face. He closed his eyes allowing the feeling of complete peace over come him that's when Yunho and Yoochun appeared.
Yunho stared at Jaejoong "Beautiful" he whispered but Jaejoong heard it and opened his eyes and stared in to Yunho's they kept this gaze for a minute before Jaejoong blushed and turned away he walked to Junsu who was playing with the leaves Yoochun seeing this giggled and whispered "how cute"

"hm he has a boyfriend" Yunho thought out loud. 'GOT YA' Yoochun smiled
"nope that's his cute friend Junsu " Yoochun informed Yunho but didn't stop there "Junsu said Jaejoong's single and depressed that he cant go to the couple festivals since its only for couples....Junsu also said he'll help u if u really and honestly like Jaejoong and want to date him not only for the festival but for real" Yoochun kept looking at Junsu as he and Jaejoong now played in the leaves throwing them at each other and laughing.

"okay....i dont know why but for some reason i could care less about the festival now " Yunho looked a Yoochun who smiled and said "cause u like him" Yunho smiled back "tell his friend ill do anything" Yoochun txted junsu its a go for Yunho and Junsu began to work on Jaejoong.

YOOCHUN: "U know that guy has been staring at u for a long time" Junsu began. Jaejoong turned around and saw Yunho smile at him. Jaejoong quickly turned red and turned his head back to Junsu.
"Y-Yoochun is staring at u not me" Jaejoong stated and sat on the bench and Junsu joined him.
"REALLY?!....b-but im talking about his friend Yunho" Jaejoong felt his eyes on him this Yunho's been staring at him ever since he got there...he would turn every now and then to talk to his friend but soon his eyes would find him again.
"n-no  he's not" Jaejoong said laughing awkwardly. "Yoochun says he is" Junsu said his phone in his had he showed the txt's Yoochun sent him.

my friends asking who's the guy with u?

Yunho says he's Beautiful...he's been staring at him
hopefully ur friend ain't freaked out lol

Jaejoong blushed when he read 'yunho thinks he's beautiful' no body called him beautiful. Pretty and hot yeah but not beautiful. Jaejoong was deep in though when he heard a faint click.He looked over and saw Yunho holding his phone pointing it in his direction and was much closer then he was before.
"okay okay u can stop now or u'll freak Jaejoong out " Junsu said and Yunho put his phone away he smiled at Jaejoong.
"see u around Jaejoong" Yunho said before he left with Yoochun.
"what was he doing?" Jaejoong asked and Junsu looked at him if he was puzzled.
"He was taking ur picture...remember he walked over and asked if he could and u said yea" said Junsu. Jaejoongs eye's widened as he recalled humming a yea as he always dose when someone is talking to him when he's thinking about something.

"oh before i forget we took a picture of him with ur phone too when he wasn't looking" Junsu gave Jaejoong his phone back and Jaejoong quickly opened it and looked thru his pictures. He smiled when he found it. Yunho had a goofy look on his face that made Jaejoong giggle.
Jaejoong and Junsu walked home when it started to get dark from the park. Yoochun meet with Junsu for the second phase of the plane

At Jaejoongs house

JUNSU: Jaejoong took a bath changed into his pj and layed on his bed under the covers staring at the picture of goofy Yunho. For some resone he loved that picture.
Few blocks away Yunho in his bed fliping throu pictures of Jaejoong he took but stoped at the close up of Jaejoongs face they both stared at the photo's untill they fell asleep not knowing why that loved those pictures so much.

What if min 7

What if min 7

“AH” Jaejoong screamed and grabbed on to Yunho’s arm. Yunho pulled Jaejoong in to his arms and hugged him kissing his hair. Yunho was too in to the movie to realize how comfy he became with Jaejoong. Kissing his head and hugging him tighter whenever the scary parts came on. Jaejoong noticed and loved it. He buried his face in Yunho’s chest sniffed Yunho remembering how he smelled and rubbing it in to his own skin so when Yunho left he still had his smell on him. When the movie ended Yunho completely forgot that it was their first date.

“Its okay now Joongie the movies over” He kissed Jaejoong’s forehead. Joongie?...YAY Jaejoong was very happy that Yunho gave him a nickname so he decided to tell Yunho his.

“Do you want something….Y-Yunnie” Jaejoong looked away from Yunho. His face was warm so he knew he was blushing. “You’re so cute Joongie” Yunho turned Jaejoong’s face to his and kissed him Jaejoong kissed and kneeled on the couch. They kissed passionately just like that night. Yunho push Jaejoong down so his back was on the couch with Yunho on top of Jaejoong they Yunho let go of Jaejoong’s lips but this time instead of Jaejoong kissing His jaw and neck Yunho kissed and sucked and lightly bit on Jaejoong’s jaw and neck.

“ah” Jaejoong moaned lightly as Yunho’s hand made it way under his shirt again and massaging the skin softly and slowly. Jaejoong closed his eyes hoping Yunho won’t stop this time. Yunho was going lower and lower sucking and biting and Jaejoong’s delicate skin.

“AHH” Jaejoong moan as Yunho’s finger found his nipple Yunho’s lips moved back up and kissed Jaejoong . Yunho stopped and pulled back but didn’t get off of Jaejoong. Jaejoong opened his eyes to see Yunho staring at him red faced

“Jaejoongie….um….Can I kiss you?(Yunho paused but Jaejoong didn’t say anything) C-Cause I really like you and I want you to be my boyfriend?...um….I’m not a-asking because of what we where d-doing….cause we can stop any time….I just want you to” Yunho panicked when Jaejoong didn’t answer him right away so he started to explain himself but also he started to stutter. Jaejoong put the back of his hand on his lips and began laughing at him and Yunho got upset. Yunho gabbed Jaejoong’s wrists and pinned them above his head with one hand Jaejoong stopped laughing and looked at Yunho.

“I’m serious Joongie…I want you to be my boyfriend and it was way before I knew you could cook or where you worked or who you where” Jaejoong turned his face away from Yunho his face and ears completely red. Jaejoong smiled and nodded shyly. Yunho on top of him pining him down and talking to him in a stern voice was turning up his body’s temperature. He wanted Yunho to get off him and yet he wanted Yunho to stay put and kiss him again. That’s the reason why Jaejoong looked away from Yunho so he won’t see his eye’s turn lustful. Yunho knew Jaejoong was shy so he let go of his wrist and bend down to Jaejoong’s ear. It was hard for Yunho not to rip Jaejoong’s shirt and jeans off and to what he wanted with him. He bit on Jaejoong’s ear lobe lightly.

“ah” Jaejoong moaned and Yunho whispered “your nodding for me to kiss you or to be my boyfriend?” Yunho sucked on Jaejoong’s ear lobe licking it slightly.

“AH both” Jaejoong moaned

Jaejoong eye’s opened wide and he closed his mouth with his hand. He stared at Yunho in disbelief that he could moan like that. Yunho bend down to Jaejoong’s ear again and whispered again. “ get use to it boo cause when you’re ready I’ll make you moan my name loud and clear” Yunho kissed Jaejoong’s neck right under the ear and Jaejoong moaned again in to his hand that covered his mouth. Yunho took Jaejoong’s hand off of his mouth and kissed him. Jaejoong raped his arms around Yunho’s neck and pulled him close as they abused each other’s lips. After their long make out session Yunho walked to the door and kissed Jaejoong again before he left. Jaejoong took a cold shower and changed to his PJ and when to bed. He cuddled under his blankets and soon sleep took him over.

BANG! BANG! Jaejoong woke up to the loud sound of someone slamming at his door. He looked at the time. He’s been asleep for 3 minutes. He got out of bed put on his slippers and stomped his way to the door. He opened it and began screaming at the figure who he thought was Changmin.

“CHANGMIN WHAT THE HELL YOU-um” Jaejoong was cut off by a part of familiar lips pressing roughly on his. Jaejoong hear his door slam and lock. He pushed the man assaulting him.

“Y-YUNHO?!” Jaejoong was surprised. Yunho who had only his jean’s on the same from before but no shirt. Jaejoong looked at Yunho from top to bottom then stopped at Yunho’s tanned and sculpted chest. Jaejoong realized he stared at Yunho’s chest too long turned his head away only to be stopped by Yunho.

“you can look all you want Joonie” Yunho whispered into Jaejoong’s ear before pinning him against the wall. “You can touch too Boo” Yunho whispered seductively on Jaejoong’s lips. Jaejoong whimpered at those words and Yunho kissed him sticking his tongue in to Jaejoong’s mouth. Yunho picked Jaejoong’s legs up and wrapped them around his waist he pushed his and Jaejoong’s body together tight so there were no gaps. Jaejoong had no choose bout put his arms around Yunho’s neck to hold on as Yunho took him to the first open room he could find that was Jaejoong’s bed room. Yunho but Jaejoong down on the bed their lips still connected. Yunho ripped Jaejoong’s Shirt and pants off and threw the pieces somewhere in the room on the floor. Yunho let go of Jaejoong’s mouth and sucked bit and liked down his jaw to this neck and going lower to his chest stopping at his nipples.

“AHH” Jaejoong moaned loud shutting his eyes. Yunho moved from on nipple to the other making Jaejoong whimper. But he didn’t stop there. Yunho’s hand slowly moved down to Jaejoong’s boxers and pulled them off Jaejoong. Yunho moved Jaejoong farther on to the bed and spread his legs. Yunho slowly kissed and licked down Jaejoong’s inner thigh.

“Y-Yunho-AH!! S….stop…ughhhh”

Yunho went lower and lower his hand holding Jaejoong’s legs in place.

“YUNHO” Jaejoong arched his back when felt Yunho’s mouth on the base of his hard member. Yunho slowly liked Jaejoong from base to tip.


Yunho kissed then sucked on the tip.

“UGH……AHHH” Jaejoong’s grabbed a hand full of his blanket tightly.

Yunho mouth took all of Jaejoong and started to suck as he bobbed his head up and down every now and then letting his tongue lick as he was sucking Jaejoong.

“YUNNIE…..STOP!!” Jaejoong moaned louder every time Yunho moaned with Jaejoong’s member still in his mouth. Yunho sucked hard and fast making Jaejoong’s breath to hitch.

“YUNAHHH!!!” Yunho could test Jaejoongs precum so he stopped ant took Jaejoong’s Member out of his mouth.

“DO you really want me to stop BooJae?” Yunho smirked at the painting Jaejoong and he shuck his head mouthing no.

“that’s my baby always playing hard to get” Yunho blew on Jaejoong’s cock making him twitch. Yunho put jaejoong’s member back to his mouth and sucked fast and hard moaning and licking Jaejoong’s cock.

“YUNNIE….IM…IM-AHHHHHH” Jaejoong came in to Yunho’s mouth and he swallowed it.

“now on to the main event” Yunho smirked as he stuck a finger to Jaejoong hole.

“AHHH YUNHO….TAKE IT OUT!!” Jaejoong yelled on top of his lunges and Yunho stopped.

“Dose it hurt that bad Boo?” Yunho asked after he took out his finger.

“no…I-I want you” Jaejoong still breathing heavily looked at Yunho licked his bottom lip seductively and bit it holding back a moan that still escaped Jaejoong’s lips.

“OHH baby I cant say no to that” Yunho spread Jaejoongs legs further apart and pushed in his member slowly in to Jaejoong.

“F-FASTER YUNNIE” Jaejoong lowered himself on to Yunho’s cock as he moaned over and over for Yunho to speed up. Yunho pinned Jaejoong’s body with his own and Pushed all of his member it Jaejoong.

“AHH” both of them moaned out loud. Yunho wanted to wait so that Jaejoong’s insides get use to his cock.

“MOVE YUNNIE PLEASE” Jaejoong grabbed Yunho by the neck and pulled him for a kiss as Yunho began to move his cock in circles in side Jaejoong looking for something. Jaejoong’s breath hitched “there you are” Yunho smirked memorizing that spot before pulling out slamming into Jaejoong slow at first but then faster and faster.

“UGHHH….YUNNIE….HARDER F-FASTER” Jaejoong moaned out orders and Yunho obeyed as he speed up his pace and slammed harder in to Jaejoong moaning.

“Jaejoongie your so…. AHHH…tight…so good..UGHHH!!” Yunho felt his climax approaching so he angled his self and pounded hard once and hit Jaejoong’s spot.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!.....AGAIN YUNNIE AGAIN” Yunho pounded Jaejoong hard and fast hitting that spot again and again.

“YES YUNNIE ….OHHHH YES!!!” Jaejoong moan loud feeling Yunho’s precum spill inside him and his spill out on his and Yunho’s stomach’s.



Yunho punded Jaejoong as hard and as fast as he could.

“YUNNIE…IM…IM…CUMMING!!!” Jaejoong scramed as he let his cum out on his and Yunhos stomach’s. Yunho Trusted 2 more times and came inside of Jaejoong. Yunho pulled out slowly and fell on to the bed next to Jaejoong. Both snuggled closer to each other and Yunho took Jaejoong in to his arm’s

“I love you Joongie”


Jaejoong woke up and turned off his phone alarm before falling back on his pillow. After a few seconds Jaejoong realized that his pillow had a heartbeat he opened his eyes and looked up. Y-YUNHO?!

Jaejoong’s POV

When I woke up I was sleeping on Yunho. HUH? How did that happen. I replayed what happen yesterday. He pinned me I agreed to be his Boy friend then he hugged me and I must have fallen asleep. I didn’t mind and placed my head back down on his chest then I felt my lower half in pain and I was sweaty. I Stood up and felt my boxers where sticky and I had a hard on. I slowly got off the couch and jogged to the bathroom. I took a shower to take care of my problem. When I heard the door open and someone walking in and the door closed and locked. I stayed quiet until the intruder pulled back the shower curtain I yelped. Yunho stood their naked and my eye had a mind of their own as they shot strait down to look between Yunho’s legs then they rest of his body as he entered the shower. He pinned me against the shower wall and spoke.

“I know I told you I’ll wait but last night you grinned your butt and front against the front of my pants moaning my name…I can’t hold back Joongie…can I at least touch you”

Yunho pressed his body against mine and our eraction’s meet and made me moan




He moaned again just like last night. He dreamt of us doing it. I’m hoping Jaejoong will let me touch me him so I put my hand on his member and kissed him so he won’t say no as I stroke him very slowly.

“YUNNIE” Jaejoong moaned my name letting go of my lips and grabbing on to my neck so he won’t fall as his legs became wobbly as I began to pump him.

“YUN…HO….AHH” Jaejoong smiles for a second before he moan’s again. At that point I lose my control and stick one of my fingers in to his tight hole. He screams in pain so I pull out my finger and apologize.

“Jaejoong I’m sorry I lost my control an-um” Jaejoong kisses me with tongue and all myself restraint is gone I turn off the water and we dry our self’s quickly.

“show my your room Jaejoonie” I pick him up bridal style and walk out of the bathroom he point at the first door we see across from the bathroom. I push open the door and put him gently in the middle of his bed and get on top of him. I see a bottle of lotion on his bed side table grabbed it and up a good amount on my member and my fingers and put it back. He looks scared so I kiss him.

“If it hurt ill stop just tell me” he nods and I kiss him again we make out as I spread his lags and push in one digit in to his hole.


Yunho starts to finger Jaejoong with one finger slowly as he kisses him passionately. After Jaejoong’s hole loosens up he sticks another and another until 4 fingers are sliding in and out of Jaejoong .Yunho pulls out his finger and inserts his member slowly in side Jaejoong. Not breaking the kiss. Once Yunho is fully in he wait for Jaejoong to a just he moves his cock in circles inside Jaejoong without pulling out to loosen Jaejoong’s hole more. Jaejoong breaks the kiss suddenly and moans. Yunho smirks and moves over that spot again.

“AHH” Jaejoong moans digging his finger nails in to Yunho’s shoulders. Yunho on top of Jaejoong pressing his abdomen against Jaejoong’s cock so it would feel him moving when they begin.

“Can I move Boo Jae?” Yunho whispered in to Jaejoong’s ear and he nodes unable to open his mouth without moaning.

“If you get scared or it starts to hurt tell me and I’ll stop” Jaejoong nodded again and Yunho moved. Yunho efforts to starch Jaejoong’s hole weren’t in vain cause as soon as Yunho started to movie Jaejoong moaned in pleasure instead of pain. Hugging Yunhos neck tightly for support.

“F-FASTER” whispered Jaejoong against Yunho’s ear. “ Your first command do you want it harder to?” Yunho asked smiling Jaejoong answered with a loud moaned yes and Yunho moved faster and started to pound Jaejoong harder and harder increasing the speed every time.


“SHIT JOONIE…..SO WARM….AHHH” Yunho pounded harder and faster

“YUNNIE I-It FEEL’S AHHH GOOD” Jaejoong moaned in to Yunho’s ear. Yunho could feel his precum drip inside Jaejoong and Jaejoong’s precum on his stomach.

“Don’t be scared now but its going to feel really good AHH! Better then now” Jaejoong gave Yunho a nod that he understands as Yunho Angled himself and his special spot. Jaejoong arched his back and moaned louder as Yunho kept hitting that spot over and over.

“Good Jae…AHH joonie?”


“GOOD!!” Yunho pounded harder and faster.

“AHHHHHHH!!” Yunho and Jaejoong came at the same time. Yunho stayed on top of Jaejoong for a few minutes then trusted on more time picking Jaejoong up and spreading his legs on the towel Yunho found on the edge of the bed.

“No..No more Yunnie” Jaejoong didn’t have the energy for another round.

“don’t worry I’m just cleaning you” Yunho pulled himself out spreading Jaejoong’s butt cheeks apart and all his seeps flowed out of Jaejoong. Yunho waited until Jaejoong’s hole stopped dripping before he wiped him clean. He threw the towel inside a laundry bin Jaejoong pointed too. Then grabbed few tissues from the night stand and wiped his and Jaejoong’s stomach and threw them in to the waste bin Jaejoong pointed too. He put Jaejoong back on to the bed gently with his arms around him and they cuddled close to each other.

“I love you Jaejoong” Yunho said and kissed Jaejoong’s forehead

“I love you too Yunnie” Yunho giggled at the cute nick name his boyfriend gave him and they fell asleep in each other’s arms


Changmin set there grinning at his hyung’s after he finished his story. Yoosu laughed and fell on each other crying from laughter

“Min I thought you would put as much porn in it as possible instead you just waited until the end” Yoochun joked

“I’m not as perverted as you Yoochun” Changmin snapped back. Jaejoong giggled and leaned in to Yunho’s arms and felt something pocking his butt. Jaejoong looked at Yunho and he looked flustered. Yunho Turned to Jaejoong and whispered in his ear.

“BooJae can we…um ….go to our room?” Yoosu tried to catch what Yunho whispered to Jaejoong but couldn’t. Jaejoong rubbed his butt against the thing that was pocking it.

“please Joongie” Yunho continued to whisper but this time Jaejoong joined in.

“Yunho….You got all hard form Changmin’s story?”

“Only the part at the end…since I heard you moan I imagined what Changmin said and now I’m hard…Please Jaejoong ”

“You got all hard at what part Yunnie?”

“ Every time Jaejoong started to moan my name” Yunho said with a pout.

“Oh so it’s my fault?”

“I started to remember your moans from few nights ago and I got hard” Yunho whinnied

“okay Yunnie since I’m at fault I should fix it” Jaejoong smirked evilly at Yunho and dragged him up and out of the living room to their room.

“We’ll be back in an hour” Yunho told Yoosumin as he was dragged out. Jaejoong turned to them and said we’ll continue this tomorrow Yoosu you have time to make up your story it better be good. And don’t even think about making me a slut or a prostitute cause you won’t eat for a week if you do” Jaejoong then dragged Yunho in to their room. Yoosu also disappeared in to their room and lock the door. Changmin turned on the TV happy that he finally has the living room to himself.

What if min 6

What If min 6

“Yunho is you knew neighbor right… he can drive you” Junsu said and winked at Yunho. Yunho started to say “but you told me to….” but Yoochun interrupted before he could finish.

“We still have some stuff to talk about so you should take Jaejoong home…He’s very pretty and could get hurt at night” Yoochun took Yunho’s armed and pushed him and Jaejoong out the door and slammed it in their face after saying “drive safe” with a sly smile.

“I guess…if you don’t mind…I’ll take you home…I-If you want you don’t have to if you don’t want to I’m just saying I can and will” Yunho felt nerve’s And Jaejoong could tell. He agreed because he liked to watch Yunho drive. During the drive Yunho felt Jaejoong’s eyes on him and his face turned pink but he liked the attention he got from Jaejoong. When they got to Jaejoong’s house Yunho walked Jaejoong to his door.


“Do you want to come in….um…if you want I-I know it’s late its cool just for…”Jaejoong was interrupted but Yunho

“YES…if you don’t mind that is” Yunho slapped himself mentally for almost yelling out his yes. Jaejoong opened the door and they entered removed their coats and shoes. Jaejoong and Yunho sat in the living room in totally silent’s.

“Want some tea?” Jaejoong asked standing up and heading to the kitchen after Yunho said “yes please” Okay Yunho put yourself together…..once Jaejoong gets back you’ll tell him and and what should I tell him AUG!!!!

Yunho kept moving around the couth hoping one spot on the couth will relive his stress. Jaejoong in the kitchen was screaming in his head happily.                                                                                                                             Okay breath…Breath…OMG his in my living-room OMG!!!.....Okay I’m just going to casually sit next to him and that’s it ….OMG!!!!!!

Jaejoong smirked hoping Yunho moved a little on the couth so he could sit, he left the kitchen with 2 cups of tea and to Jaejoong’s happy surprise Yunho did move making just the right amount of room for him to sit right next to Yunho. Jaejoong did his best to hold back the grin that was trying to show up on his face as he sat next to Yunho. He passed Yunho a cup of tea and he took it with shaky hands and took a big sip from it. Forgetting that it was hot and burned his tongue. He swallowed the tea quick and messy and put his cup on the coffee table at the same time fanning his tongue as Jaejoong laughed as he jogged to the kitchen for a napkin. He sat next to Yunho who had his tongue out and fanning it and wiped his mouth.

“don’t laugh it hurts” Yunho whined with a pouted. Jaejoong found it funnier so he laughed louder and cover his mouth with the back of his hand still wiping Yunho’s face. Yunho couldn’t help but find him cute so…


Jaejoong stopped laughing and turned pink staring at Yunho. Yunho only meet Jaejoong a month ago but he made a list of Jaejoong’s face expressions he liked the best. Jaejoong’s doe eye’s spread wide by surprised his plump red lip parted slightly with rosy cheeks was his favorite. They stared at each other for few seconds until Yunho leaned in and kissed Jaejoong on the lips. Jaejoong held his breath shocked by what Yunho did…wait what he is doing. Yun-ho I-is kiss-ing ME!!! Jaejoong’s heart was beathing fast by the time he snapped out of his trance and Yunho lips was still on his Jaejoong closed his eyes to enjoy the kiss.

Yunho’ POV

What am I doing I kissed him NO IM STILL KISSING HIM!!! I open my eyes and look at him his eye’s where closed. He didn’t push me back instead he moved closer to me and put his arms around my neck at the same time kissing me back my heart felt like it was going to explode form happiness. I closed my eyes and put my arms around his small waist. He started to suck my bottom lip and bit it slightly. Our kissed turned from a sweet first kiss to a needy passionate make out session. I’m not letting go.

End of POV

Yunho pulled Jaejoong to sit on his lap and Jaejoong willingly obeyed and spread his legs with one leg on one side and one leg on the other. Yunho let out a moan as Jaejoong was sitting right on him member and Jaejoong shoved his tongue in to Yunho and they fought for dominance even thou Jaejoong already choose to lose he didn’t want to go done easy. Yunho’s unbuttoned Jaejoong’s chief uniform shirt pulling out the t-shirt under it from Jaejoong’s pants and putting his and under it. Jaejoong moaned on Yunho’s lips as Yunho’s hand massaged his skin. Neither of them willing to break their fierce kissing.

At that moment Changmin walked in tired he didn’t feel sleeping in a cold empty house both Yunho and Jaejoong didn’t see or hear him enter so they didn’t stop what they were doing. Changmin locked the door took his shoes and couth and walked in the living-room. He stared at his best friend sitting on Yunho’s lap and making out with him as Yunho’s hand roamed around under Jaejoong’s shirt. Jaejoong’s moan snapped the shocked Changmin back to reality. And he turned grabbed his couth and shoes and left the small house putting his shoes on outside and drive away quietly.

Yunho let go of Jaejoong’s mouth to breath and Jaejoong moves his mouth over his jaw then neck sucking and grazing his teeth lightly on the skin. Yunho moaned and pushed Jaejoong lightly to lay on the couch on his back. Jaejoong stopped kissing Yunho’s neck and looked him strait in the eye’s. Yunho started to lose all control as he looked at the man under him. Jaejoong’s shirt was pulled up exposing his chest, his lip red and wet, his breath heavy. As Yunho was about to kiss Jaejoong again he pulled back and left the couch Jaejoong a little disappointed set up and fixed his shirt. Without looking at Yunho.  

“Want to go on a date?” Yunho couldn’t continue because he has his principles. He wanted to date Jaejoong be for they do it. Jaejoong looked at Yunho who repeated the question and Jaejoong’s face turned red and his lips formed a smile he looked away from Yunho and nodded and said “yes” shyly. Yunho walked to Jaejoong and kissed him on the lips before leavening with “I-I’ll go and….um…Call you…um Saturday …Yeah ..um bye” Yunho after taking his couth and putting on his shoes closed the door. He stood there with his hand still on the door knob outside Jaejoong’s door. With his hand on his heart and a big grin on his face. He walked to his car and drove out of Jaejoong’s dive way to his own. And ran in to his house before jumping up and down excitingly. He was going to date Jaejoong and he isn’t going to mess this up.

Jaejoong sat on his couth with his right hands fingers on his lips and smiled. He stood up walked to the bathroom took a shower changed to his PJ. In his room he lay down on his back on his bed staring at the ceiling giggling to himself. He didn’t understand what was Yunho talking about before he left but he was going to call him. Jaejoong screamed in to his pillow. But his mood changed quickly when he replayed what happened in his mind. OMG…what has gotten in to me…I never made out with anyone who kissed me out of the blue… he put his hand under my shirt…. OMG did I sit on his….SHIT I SAT ON HIS!!! Jaejoong wasn’t easy so it shocked him that he let Yunho touch him like that. If Yunho didn’t stop they might have done it. Jaejoong shock off the thought but it kept coming back. Jaejoong mind started to wonder and in all his thoughts Yunho was the Lead. How Yunho’s chest looks like without that pesky shirt...and pants…and how would……STOP Jaejoong don’t think like that. Jaejoong decided to sleep but every time he closed his eyes Yunho’s face would appear and kiss him. He tried to think of something else but then let his thoughts of Yunho over whelm him and giggled until he fell asleep.

Went Jaejoong woke up the next day it was only Tuesday. Yunho took him to work like always. Jaejoong and Yunho were all giggles in the car just by looking at each other. They didn’t say anything to each other just smiled and blushed. Yunho Dropped Jaejoong off but before Jaejoong left the car he kissed Yunho on the cheek then ran out the car and in to the building. Yunho smiled and drove off after Jaejoong disappeared from his sight. Yunho drove to his work at Yoosu co. The hold day he was smiling and it drove his friends mad because he won’t tell them. Jaejoong too was smiling and humming some timed even singing Changmin didn’t ask cause he already knew but he still eyed Jaejoong hoping to find a difference since he and Yunho did it last night.


“CHANGIM WE DIDN’T DO IT!!!” Jaejoong was getting irritated at Changmin’s grin after he found out the he saw them making out.

“Yunho was a perfect gentleman he stopped and asked me on a date” Jaejoong stuck his tongue out at Changmin. Jaejoong never lied to Changmin.

“WOW….Yoosu said that if they where him they’d pounce on anything moving” Changmin whispered to hi self but Jaejoong heard it.

“but he’s not them so he doesn’t….wait …did you talk about Yunnie behind his back?” Jaejoong slapped his mouth. He was so irritated with Changmin that he let Yunho’s nickname slip out.

“SHUT IT CHANGMIN AND YOU DIDN”T HEAR ANYTHING…IF YUNHO FIND OUT BEFOR I TELL HIM I WILL PUT YOU IN ONE OF MY RECIPIES” Jaejoong quickly did damage control as he grabbed Changmin by hi jacket and threatened him. Changmin gulped and nodded. Jaejoong is very serious if he likes someone so he’s not going to cross his hyung. The week past by quick for the two new lovebirds. The texted whenever they could and would talk on the phone. Too shy to talk to each other in person before their date that they scheduled for Saturday.


Jaejoong woke up and took a shower. He spent almost an hour if front of the mirror fixing his hair. He picked out an outfit then fixed his hair again. The plane was to spend the entire day together. Jaejoong offered (more like decided) to make breakfast for both of them and Yunho agreed. (if he had a choose anyway). Before changing to his outfit he made breakfast. He went shopping on Friday and asked Junsu about Yunho’s favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. He wroth and marked them down in his cook book. Jaejoong didn’t pay attention to the time until the door bell rang and he opened it thinking it was Changmin. He had to work today so Jaejoong offered to make him lunch and had it all packed for him. He took the lunchbox and opened the door to find Yunho in jeans and a T-shirt.

“Y-Yunho” Jaejoong hid the lunch box and let Yunho in. He was sort of happy that he didn’t have time to change because he’d be too dressed up. They stared and giggled at one another but said nothing. After they eat and Changmin picked up his lunchbox Jaejoong and Yunho set next to each other on the couch and talked. Jaejoong told Yunho about his family and Yunho told Jaejoong about his. They talked all the way until lunch time and Yunho helped Jaejoong cook. After lunch Jaejoong changed in to jeans and a t-shirt. Yunho took him to the park hand in hand until dinner time. Jaejoong wouldn’t allow Yunho to take him to dinner because he wanted to cook him dinner. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach Jaejoong recalled his mother telling his sisters so he made sure he got to Yunho’s as quickly as possible. When they got back to Jaejoong’s house Yunho helped Jaejoong with dinner. During dinner Yunho would stare at Jaejoong and eat his delicious food. If Jaejoong didn’t have his heart before he sourly had it now.

Yunho helped clean up and they set in the living-room watching a scary movie. Jaejoong wasn’t scared but Yunho didn’t know that.

What If min 5

What If Min 5

It been a month since Yunho moved in next door. Jaejoong and Yunho got know each other well. Even Changmin was okay with it.

Flash Back

The company was fully cleaned and smelled wonderful. Jaejoong got a txt from Changmin to come back to work. The next day in the morning he took a shower got dressed and walked out the door.

Yunho got a call from Yoosu that they have a meeting with Mr. Shim. He still has no idea why he has to show up but he went. AS he walked out the door he saw Jaejoong walking to his gate. Jaejoong’s car was in the shop because he needed the breaks changed.

“Good morning Jaejoong” Yunho called

“Good morning Yunho…how are you?” Jaejoong waved at Yunho

“I can give you a ride to work if you want” Yunho wanted to drive Jaejoong to work every day until he got his car back. More time alone with Jaejoong made him happy. He hoped it was close to where he was going. Cause if it wasn’t he would be late and Yoosu would yell at him.

“That’s sweet of you but you’re going to work too…you might be late” Jaejoong said shyly.

“Tell me where you work?”

“I work at Shim co.”

“Really! That’s where I’m going” Yunho jumped like a little kid that got what he wanted for his birthday but on the inside. Jaejoong agreed and Yunho took him to his car and they drove off. At the company Jaejoong and Yunho walked in together. The great smart Changmin saw his best friend walking with the lawyer of Yoosu co and he was worried.

“Hey Jaejoong…is everything okay?” Changmin walked over to them.

“Hi Changmin I want you to meet my new neighbor Jung Yunho” Jaejoong pointed to Yunho and he extended his hand Changmin shocked it.

END OF Flash Back

After that meeting Changmin stopped saying that Yunho is a stalker and that made Jaejoong very happy.

Month Later At Shim co.

Yunho was waiting for the meeting to end in Changmins office.

“Why am I here?” Yunho signed loud, starched, and yawned. Yunho has been stuck in that office for 4 hours and due to Yoosu instructions ‘when the meeting end you have to still be here or you’ll have to move back in with us and we can make it happen’ Yunho closed his eyes once he found a comfy position on the chair. And fell asleep.

It was lunch time so Jaejoong took his and Changmin’s lunchbox to Changmin’s office. But he had an extra lunchbox’s he was hoping to give. He heard from Changmin’s secretary that Yoosu co’s lawyer is in Changmin’s office for hours. Jaejoong knocked on the door but no one answered so he entered and found Yunho asleep slouched in the chair. How cute…. He fell asleep....maybe I should wake him his back will hurt really bed if he sleeps like that. Jaejoong walked to the desk and put the 2 lunchbox’s and his bag who had the 3rd secret lunch box on the desk. He turned to wake Yunho but stopped. OMG look at the way he sleeps… Jaejoong quickly covered his mouth to stop the laughter that was about to escape. Yunho’s eyes and mouth was half open and Jaejoong found that really cute and funny.

Yunho heard someone giggle and woke up. He saw Jaejoong giggling but Jaejoong didn’t see him wake up. Yunho was about to say ‘what’s going on’ but stopped beautifully….. really beautifully. Jaejoong’s eye’s shinned and his smile memorized Yunho. After staring at Jaejoong for a min. Okay say something Yunho

“Hi… Jaejoong” Jaejoong yelped and stopped giggling looked at Yunho wide eyed. Yunho found his expression cute.

“Yu-Yunho….your awake” Jaejoong’s face turned pink and he looked away. He remembered the lunchbox and took it out if his bag.

“Yunho….. a-are you hungry?” Jaejoong still not looking at Yunho showed him a lunch box and Yunho smiled and took it they eat and talked Jaejoong still a little pink faced because Yunho loved his food and kept complimenting him even said if he wanted to become a privet chef he’d hire him. They talked for hours as Yunho and Jaejoong waited for the meeting to end. Yoosu entered first fallowed by Changmin. They stopped and looked at the happy site. Yunho their boring, depressed, lame

“YAH… WE GET IT!!” Yunho yelled at the story taller.                             Changmin then continued

Friend was laughing, chatting and making another person laugh. They were shocked. They both thought Yunho…is…CHARMING!!!...when did that happen? Yoosu looked at the man Yunho was talking to and they both have to agree he was beautiful. Changmin just smiled at what he saw. He asked Yoosu about Yunho in the meeting and what he saw was a different Yunho. And by how Yoosu where looked shocked but happy it was a good difference.

“Jaejoong shouldn’t you be home by now?” Changmin made his and Yoosu’s presence known and All 4 looked at him. Yoosu and Jaejoong was looking at him if he did something wrong but Yunho just looked shocked to see them there. Jaejoong looked at his watch and it was 10 o’clock at night. He quickly got his stuff together and told Changmin he put his lunch on the desk and walked toured the door but was stopped by his best friend.

“Jaejoong-ah It’s late and you sold your car because it’s and I’m quoting you not environmental friendly….Let me call someone to drive you” Changmin said then pocked Junsu with his elbow.

What if 1 Min part4

“like what?” Jaejoong stopped giggled and looked at me his facial expression changed. He looked…. hurt. On no….  My throat swells up again. A million things begin to run in my head as he looks at me now pouting. Cute

“cute” out of nowhere I hear myself say cute out loud  oh…. and he hear it. His face turned pink and so did mine.  He looked away from me but smiled HE SMILED.   After that we talked with ease. He told me he’s a chief and he’s working in a big company. I told him I’m a Lawyer and he made a joke but I didn’t mind. His laughed was too addicting. Some time passed by, it was dark when we said our good-bye’s. I closed my door after he walked in to his house. I took a shower and changed to my PJS. I lied down on my bed under my bed sheets. I’m going to like it here. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

End of POV

Jaejoong’s POV

Once I was in the safety of my home with the door shut and locked behind me I couldn’t help but jump up and down and squeal like a girl. I didn’t matter any way no one saw me anyway. OMG. OMG my wish came true….I wanted to see him again but this is so much better. I let out one last squeal and called Changmin.

“I’m not that girly…am I Yunnie?” Jaejoong flashed his big puppy dog eye’s at Yunho.

And Yunho froze at his cuteness.

“YUNNIE!!!” Yunho took too long to answer and Jaejoong got irritated.

“Wait what…..no no… your cute not girly”

Yoosumin pretended to gage and Changmin continued

“Hello” Changmin answered half awake.

“Changmin you’ll never guess who’s my neighbor?” that got Changmin’s attention.


“the guy from the lobby…the one who was staring at me” just the thought of that day made me want to squeal.

“he’s a stalker… you didn’t talk to him did you?”

“HE’S NOT A STALKER!!....and I did he’s a lawyer for a commercial company that his friends own”

“what’s his name?”

“Jung Yunho” my smiled wider when I said his name.

“It could be a fake name”

“Changmin can you stop bringing me down and let me be happy?”

“OOOO…do you like him Jaejoongie?”

“what…..no….he said I was cute…that’s what I’m happy about”

“you don’t get this happy when I call you cute”

“You have to call me cute cause you’re my friend”

We talked for few more minutes before we said good-bye and hung up.

My phone rang again and it was a text message from Changmin

From: Min

No work tomorrow….the building still stinks

I texted him back and took a shower. I changed to my PJ’s and slipped out of conciseness thinking about his smile.

End of POV

What if MIN part3

What If Min 3

Changmin and he fallowed Jaejoong back in to the house. Jaejoong began breakfast as Changmin walked in the kitchen.


“So what? Min”

“what did the guy say?”

“some business man is moving in tomorrow he wanted his stuff all there when he arrives”

“sounds old” Changmin plopped down on a chair in the kitchen

“we won’t know until we meet him tomorrow now won’t we”

For the rest of the day Jaejoong and Changmin enjoyed their day off by shopping and going to a carnival nearby.

The next day Changmin stayed over again wanting to see Jaejoong’s new neighbor but even thou both woke up early they didn’t get to see the new neighbor. It was Monday so they got dresses and want to work.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday still no saw. Friday they closed the company building for cleaning because one of their trainees almost blew up the kitchen and the fire department was called the entire company was soon after filled with a horrible stink so Changmin had no alternative but to send every on home early and call a cleaning crew. At Jaejoong’s house they looked but still no show of the new neighbor. . Changmin decided to give up and go home. He said goodbye to Jaejoong and drove home

Jaejoong walked in to his house and notice he didn’t throw out the trash so he collected it and walked to his trash cans outside. After he threw the trash away he stud by the trash cans for a minute. There is that felling again.

Jaejoong turned to look at the empty house again but this time he saw a man staring at him. He wore a business suit. IT’S HIM… The same guy from the lobby.

Yunho’s POV

Yoosu decided not to go back for their honeymoon in the states after the project it done, instead they stayed home and I decided not staying in their house any longer… HELL NO!!. Now that they don’t need legal advice I’m free to leave and there is nothing Yoosu can say to stop me. I called a real estate company and found a house close to Yoosu but not that close and got my stuff moved in. I was supposed to move today but they insisted on me to check over few papers before I leave. I knew this was an excuse since none of the papers needed any legal advice. They won’t let me take this to my new home so I’m stuck here. I visited my house just to with them; I checked the boxes as they took a tour of my home. A week past by and I’m still living with them. So I left work early today since it was Friday it didn’t look suspicious and drove straight to Yoosu’s home, grabbed my suitcases and left. Finally free I looked around my new neighborhood, got lost but found my house it wasn’t big but it wasn’t small ether it had a second floor. I put my stuff in the house and started to explore even thou I was here before to make sure the movers didn’t forget anything but I didn’t look around. I hear a car pull in to the house next to mine but when I got there who ever was dropped off was already in side. I examined my neighbor’s house it was small but had a second floor it was definitely smaller then mine but it was cute. I smiled to myself thinking who might live in the cute house than I heard the door open and he walked out with a trash bag. The same guy from the lobby. He walked to the trash bins and dropped the bag in it. Then he stud there for a minute before he turned and looked at me. I felt myself flinch at his gaze my heart beat fast as I looked at him. He’s my new neighbor? …HOLY SHIT HE’S COMEING OVER!!!

End of POV

Jaejoong’s POV

We stared at each other for a wail. I should say hi I turned and walked out of my gait to his and walked toured him he just stared at me like a frightened puppy cute.

End of POV

“Hey how come my POV is shorted then Yunho’s” Jaejoong whined

“Don’t worry hyung-ah more of your POV are still coming up”

Yunho’s POV

He walked right up to me now we’re standing on my porch and his hand is extended toured me. I hesitated but took his hand and he shook our hand then said

“Hi…. my name is Kim Jaejoong but call me Jaejoong…I guess you’re my new neighbor” he smiled at me and I was frozen….My mind completely blank his voice was so sweet and his smile so beautiful. He let go of my hand and stared at me.

He leaned in and whispered “Um…this is the part when you tell me your name” then pulled back and stared at me again. I opened my mouth to speck but nothing came out. SHIT!!!.... I FORGOT MY NAME!!!!…. come on say something!!…ANYTHING!!!

“You have a pretty house” you have a pretty house …that’s it….I’m a loser I mentally slapped myself

“Thanks…now that we know you can talk …can you tell me your name” he smiled at me

“Jung Yunho” he thinks I’m retarded. I slapped myself again mentally

“nice to meet you”

“im not retarded” for some reason that slipped my lips and he looked at me weird

“I mean…Um…I-I” I begin to stutter and the words coming out of my mouth make no sense. I felt sweat forming and my breath became irregular. I stop when I hear a cute sound. I look at him to see his hand covered his mouth and he was giggling. Suddenly I calmed down and my throat eased up.

“I’m sorry…. this is the first time I’m talking to a person like you”

What if Min part 2

What if min part 2

Changmin smiled at them and kindly said "Shell we get strait to businesses?"
Yoosu no longer the lovey dovey couple but serious business men nodded
"One of our cooking trainees have recently graduated from culinary school at the top of his class....He has created new recipes with will soon be sold in my restaurants and stores. All the formalities have been taken care of now all that is lest is to introduce and commercialize these recipes. That is why I've called Yoosu co. for this."
Yoosu nodded and Mr. Shim continued
"Your Company is the best and so are the new products" Changmin gave Yoochun, Junsu, and Yunho a folder with pictures and names of the new product's and the meeting continued. Yoosu took the job and the meeting ended, they set another meeting and said their goodbyes. They were in the lobbied and it was late the meeting took longer than they thought as Yoosu are very picky. Out of nowhere Yunho suddenly stopped and stared at something close to the front desk. Yoosu noticing this stopped and tried to find what Yunho was staring at.

At the same time Jaejoong was signing out at the front desk. Suddenly he felt like someone was watching him he turned around and say a handsome man staring at him. The handsome man turned pink and quickly turned his head away and walked fast toured the front door his friends smiling and whispering something to him. The handsome man shush them then tried to sneak a pick at him again only to meet Jaejoongs eye’s and turn red. The man quickly exited the building with his friends.

“Jaejoong-ah” Changmin's voice snapped Jaejoong out of his trance.

“Jaejoong what were you looking at?”

“Nothing…ready to go?”


Changmin and Jaejoong walked to their cars and drove to Jaejoongs House.

“wait a minute…why are you and my Jaejoong so friendly.. HUH!! Changmin? ” Yunho got jealousy that Changmin in the story was spending too much time with HIS Jaejoong. This made Jaejoong giggle in Yunho’s arms. “relaxes hyung-ah its dinner time in my story and Changmin want to eat at Jaejoongs house cause they don’t live far from each other” Changmin explained

At Jaejoong’s house they started to make dinner when Changmin started to notice that Jaejoong wasn’t fully himself.

“Jaejoong-ah….are you okay?” Changmin was concerned hoping it wasn’t the other chefs that upset his friend. Jaejoong didn’t answer.

“Jaejoong-ah!!” Changmin yelled making Jaejoong jump.

“Changmin!!!... im right next to you there’s no need to shout” Jaejoong yelled back his hand over his heart.

“You didn’t answer so I asked louder”

“answer what?”

“are you okay?”

“yea im fine why?”

“you seem distracted…did something happen that you don’t want me to know?”

“no nothing happen”

Changmin stared down Jaejoong with made him think of the man who was staring at him in the company lobby. Jaejoong blushed and Changmin saw it clearly.

“YAH something happened your blushing” Changmin poked Jaejoongs pink face and got his hand slapped away. Jaejoong turned and rubbed his cheeks but Changmin asked again.

“What happened did some one touch you?” Changmin said it in a suggestive way and Jaejoong turned around.


“then what is it?” Changmin was so cute with his pout and whining that Jaejoong gave in.

“some guy was staring at me in the lobby”



“did he do anything?”

“no he just blushed and walked away”

“oh….and that’s it” Changmin was disappointed for a second until he saw Jaejoong smiled and whisper cute under his breath. So Changmin won’t hear him but he did.

“cute…who’s cute?...the guy in the lobby?...Jaejoong the guy could be a stoker”

“He is a business man…he had a business suit and everything….pulse it’s not like im gona see him again anyway” Jaejoong was a little disappointed but hid it from Changmin who when back to cutting vegetables.

On Sunday their day off. So when Jaejoong heard a loud beeping noise and people talking and yelling he struggled out of bed and to guest bedroom that Changmin called his whenever he didn’t feel like driving home, only to find him with a pillow over his ear’s. Looking just as angry as Jaejoong.

Both put on their shoes and walked outside to see a moving truck parked outside a house next to Jaejoong’s. Men walking out of the house disappeared in to the back of the truck and appeared with boxiest then disappeared in the house.

“looks like you’re getting a neighbor Jaejoong…..I wonder who?” Changmin wondered only to realize he was talking to himself as Jaejoong walked over to one of the man walking out of the house and started to talk to him. After a few minutes Jaejoong bowed and walked over to


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