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Yunjae 3

Yunjae 3
Title: Just the thought of you make's me Goofy


Jaejoongs POV

"WHAT THE!!" My eye shot open. I stud up and walked to my window.

"Shit its raining...how am i gonna get to work now.I'll be soaking wet before I'll reach the bus stop." I puff my cheeks, looked at the clock it was 10 am. I have to be at work at 12. So I walked to my closet to get ready. 'I guess i should take some thing to change in to when i get to work'

I pulled out my gym bag and put my work shirt, pants, pair of socks, shoes and a sweater if i get cold in it. I grabbed my towel and turned around. Then it hit me.

"I'm in... my ROOM?!?"

Flash Back in Jaejoong's POV

I paced back and forth in my living room smiling like an idiot. The giggling finally stopped but I couldn't wash off the fudging smile.

"stop..stop it...STOP SMILING YOU IDIOT!!!" i screamed at my self in the living room mirror and it worked. I gave out a sigh of relief. But when i closed my eyes as i sighed a vision of what happened flash in my mind and I smiled, then the giggling started all over again.


I plopped my self on the couch with the fudging fuzzy felling. It took me half hour to stop giggling when i ran out of my room then another to stop smiling. I was too tired so this time i just let my self giggle and smile. 'i surrender'

'what will it hurt...at least I'll fall asleep happy' and i did.

end of flash back, continue Jaejoong's POV

I fell asleep in THE LIVING ROOM!!! HOW DID I GET HERE?!...WHEN DID I GET HERE?!! I looked around but Yunho wasn't there. I walked to the living room and there he was cuddled in to 3 blankets sleeping.... More like shivering.

I took out a quilt from my closet and put it over him. The shivering stopped and he smiled.

The fuzzy feeling took over again and i ran in to my bathroom. Closing and locking the door as the giggling and smiling started again.

"AISH!!! Whats happening to me?"

end of POV

Jaejoong took a shower with a smile on his face giggling every now and again. After the shower he walked back to his closet and changed to the most water proof clouts he had.



"HEY Jaejoongie... GREAT that i caught you"

"Good Morning Mr. Shim I'm leaving now. I won't be late to work"

"HAHA Jaejoong that's not why I'm calling...see i knew you would show up no matter what weather and on time so I'm calling to tell you Stay home the weather is getting worse so I'm not opening the store today"


"You sound disseminated... miss me already? HUH?"

"NOOOO!! Im very Happy.Because I'll eat all my food with out SOMEONE stealing it every time i turn around"

"HAHAHA It's not me Jaejoongie really"

"Yeah Yeah"

"Your so mean....I'll call you when the store will open so relax and think of today as your day off...bye Jaejoongie"

"Bye Changminie"


Jaejoong was about to change back to his PJ's when..


"AISH that's loud...i guess I'll just watch a movie or something" Jaejoong put on sweatpants and a very large sweeter that fell off one shoulder. He completely forgot about the sleeping body that resides on his couch.

He made some popcorn and picked a movie still oblivious to the couch hogger. He grabbed his popcorn turned off the lights and plopped down on on the couch actually on the body on the couch.

"AHAHAHA!!!" Jaejoong jumped up spilling his popcorn on the floor before tripping over the coffee table.

"yah..Jaejoong stopped screaming and ow you set on me"


"Yea who else?" Yunho turned the lights on and smiled. Jaejoong's was blushing. And to Yunho it was the cutest thing ever. He walked up to Jaejoong and sat in front of him on the floor.

Yunho smile washed away suddenly as he turned bright red and stared at Jaejoong but not on his face.

'why's he so red? and what's he STARING AT?!?!' Jaejoong looked down and noticed his sweater fell of his shoulder and exposed a piece of his chest. Including with on of his nipples. Jaejoong quickly fixed his sweater and stood up.

"PERVERT!!!" was the word that snapped Yunho from his naughty thoughts shortly fallowed by a cushion from the couch hitting his face with a great amount of force over and over. Yunho got up and tried to take the cushion from Jaejoongs grip. They struggled for a few minutes but Jaejoong's clumsy nature bud in.

Jaejoong slipped and fell taking Yunho with him.


After a few groans and moans of pain. Jaejoong opened his eyes to see Yunho on top of him red face and staring.

Yunho POV

'ow ow ow owww that hurt....what did i fall on?' i open my eye and there was Jaejoong eyes closed. He moaned from the pain and he rubbed his head. And i couldn't stop the blood from rushing every where in my body. His doe eyes opened and when he saw me he blushed too his heart started to beat as fast as mine just like before. He bit his lower lip and licked it a little. So I couldn't control myself.

'Sorry Joongie'.

End of POV

Yunho leaned in and kissed Jaejoong. But this time it wasn't quick nor short.

Jaejoong's POV

'OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! He's kissing me!!!.OMG IM KISSING BACK WTF!!!.... WHERE THE HELL ARE MY ARMS GOING?!?!?!

end of POV

Jaejoong had his arms wrapped around Yunho's neck tightly. His eyes closed and his lips responding. No matter how loud and how much he protested in his mind his body did the opposite. Pulling Yunho closer. Yunho's bit on Jaejoongs bottom lip. Causing him to moan in to the kiss. Yunho stuck his tong in. Jaejoong sucked on his toung and Yunho moaned.

There tongs fought for dominance until they ran out of air so Yunho broke the kiss. Jaejoong whimper at the lose.

There was some popcorn poking Yunho's Knee so he moves it.

"MMMM" Yunho's eye's widened at what he just heard. He looked at Jaejoong. His face was fully flushed and his breathing has heavier. The popcorn still poked his knee so Yunho moved again.

"YUNHO" Jaejoong moaned quietly.

Yunho liked what he heard but he didn't understand why was Jaejoong like this.

"Y-your k-knee" Jaejoong whimpered to him.

"what?" Yunho looked down. His face turned red. Yunho's knee was in between Jaejoongs legs and every close to his sensitive part that's under Jaejoongs sweats .

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