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Zero to Hero ch 2

Began as a zero
A year has past. And rumors about Little Yunhos father began to spread. Ae-cha did not care about the rude and mean words thrown her way. Her world was taken over completely by Little Yunho, from his first smile to the first time he crawled. Appa, Eomma, and Chin-hwa feared that all the negative words has affected Ae-cha. So they tried to leave her behind as mush as possible when they left to the town for supplies. But today Ae-cha didn't give in.

Ae-cha playing with Yunho " Look Eomma hes tiring to catch a butterfly......Eomma Yunnie tripped but hes not crying (Ae-cha hugged Yunho ) Aw my brave boy..."

Appa, Ae-cha and little Yunho waited by the carriage for Chin-hwa and Eomma in front of the butcher. Appa saw the mean faces the town people gave his daughter and grandson. But Ae-cha and Yunho were in their own little blissful world.

Woman #1 " thats her and thats the brat.. I can't believe she had the nerve to take that thing in to town "

Woman #2 " i know.. if i was her id throw that thing in the river and move away..far away"

The two women laugh and spoke loud so Ae-cha could hear but she was consumed by little Yunhos incoherent babble. Men and children would also walk by them just to insult the young mother. But each word would bounce off their invisible force filed of joy and be left unheard by her. Yet not every one hated the Jungs. Few people loved the cute little baby just as much as Ae-cha did.

Chin-hwa and Eomma finally came out from the butcher with an entire pig. which they couldn't afford.

Appa helping Chin-hwa put the pig in the carriage " Mr. Shim is very helpful but he didn't have to give us so much"

Eomma " I tried to tell him..but..you know how he adores Yunho"

They bought some vegetables from Mr. Park including free strawberries, and fabrics for the baby from Mrs. Kim extra few inches free. Bread from Mr. Kim 2 more rolls free , and some pots from Mrs. Park including a mini bowl and spoon especially made for Yunho. As the rode home Yunhos and Ae-cha's giggles were heard and envied by the rude towns people.


Far away. Up on the top of the tallest and most famous mountain called Mount Olympus. Hera was screaming in anger inside her luxurious room.

Hera " THAT CHEATING ....AHHHHH!!!..Im more beautiful then Aphrodite herself, powerful and smart...WHAT MORE DOSE HE WANT!!!"

A scared messenger made him self known "my dear goddesses?"

Hera turned around " WHAT?!!!... ah Hermes give me some good news"

Hermes was frighten he backed up a little " y-yes My queen...hm he was born a year ago and leaves in Athens"

Hera smirked "finally I'll have my revenge ...Zeus will remember who is his queen"

On the other side of the mountain, Zeus was watching over a little person on earth. Until Athena entered.

Athena " father.. mother knows about him"

Zeus not taking his eyes off earth "HAHAHA...I don't care..awww look at him... he has my temper HAHAHA"

Athena pleads to her father " wont you stop...Please let him be the last"

Zeus "I wanted a son and i got one. Im a god and I will have what i wish..now my dear daughter come and take a look...isn't he handsome HAHA ... his mother is just as beautiful as I remember"

Athena smiled "Awww his cute...whats his name?"

Zeus smiled " HAHA ....Yunho...My little Jung Yunho"
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