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Zero to Hero

Zero To Hero
Couple: YunJae
Rated: Smug,R
Summery: Aphrodite must leave her new born and only son with his human father. Because of his beauty he must be protected from the Gods. Sent away to an island never to leave. Zeus Fathers another child strong and brave a year later. Hera Can take no more of Zeus children. What will Hera do to the boy? Will the beauty every see more then a coast line of a small island? And why was he out cast by his mother? why must he be protected

Birth Of The Strong and Brave

It was a stormy night. The thunder and lighting roared. The rain pored hard where ever as the strong wind threw it whichever way it wished. On this horrible night. The screams of a young maiden want unheard.


9 months later. In a beautiful garden covered with all colors and types of flowers and tall strong trees. A young maiden strolls by marble water fountain depicting lovers . She stops in front of a wiping willow tree, and pulls back its long curtain like branches covered with green leaves that touch the grown faintly. She sits down on the green grass letting her back fall softly on the trunk of the tree. And sigh happily.

"Ae-cha where are you?"

A soft voice of her Eomma calls out to her.

"...Im here eomma"

A woman pulls back the soft branches of the willow tree and approaches the young maiden worried.

Eomma" Ae-cha ...you should be careful...What if the baby comes when your out like this?"

Ae-cha says happily" don't worry Eomma..I'll be fine.. His father is watching over me"

Eomma sadly nods" Yes...that might be true....but still don't go off like that...tell me first okay?"

Ae-cha smiles at her Eomma as she rises to her feet " Alright mo-AH!"

Ae-cha's knees buckled as he grabbed the trunk of the tree with her left hand and her stomach with her right in pain. Eomma quickly took her arm.

Eomma alarmed" Ae-cha!! wh-whats wrong?"

Ae-cha began to breathing heavy " Eomma-ah....I....I think the baby-AHH!!...is coming"

Eomma "OH NO!!...Not here!!"

Eomma puts Ae-cha's arm around her neck and helps her toured their home. Once they are in screaming distance they hear Appa's voice.

Eomma "OH that sounds like appa... Chin-hwa and appa must be back.. CHIN-HWA!!! COME HELP!!! THE BABY IS COMING!!!"

Soon a young man appears and lifts Ae-cha. He runs with Eomma and Ae-cha in to the house putting her down on her bed.

Eomma " run now and get the doctor Chin-hwa quickly go"

Chin-hwa nodes and runs to the town. Appa enters the room with a towel. Eomma and Appa try to comfort their daughter as they wait for Chin-hwa to return with the doctor.

Eomma " breath honey it will all be over soon"

Ae-cha screams in pain. As the doctor enters with Chin-hwa behind him.

Doctor" quickly get me more towels and warm water"

Appa and Chin-hwa get the water and towels setting them close to the doctor before get kicked out of the room. Appa and Chin-hwa paced out side the door. They would twitch every time they heard Ae-cha scream inside. Time flew by painfully slow. 2 hours have past until Ae-cha screaming stopped and a new scream more high pitch and vulnerable came from the room. The doctor opened the door and congratulated both men out side.

Doctor " Its a healthy baby boy HAHA..congratulations ...Ae-cha is going good but she should rest for a few days i"ll return tomorrow to check on her..Child birth isn't an easy thing haha... you can go inside now"

Chin-hwa walked the doctor out as Appa slowly walked in to take a look at his grandson.

Appa heart soared at what he saw. Ae-cha was siting on the bed under the coves singing to a now calm and wrapped in a towel baby in her arms. He walked slowly and quietly to her side.

Ae-cha looking at Appa" look Appa...Yunho not crying any more"

Appa "Yu-Yunho?."

Ae-cha looking back at her baby patting his head lightly smiling" Yes... that his name...do you like it?"

Appa "Its perfect"

Ae-cha looks out the window smiling "Look.. our sons is born and hes health..his name is Yunho"

Thunder erupts in the clear sky scaring Appa.

Ae-cha smiles to little Yunho " Appa says hi"
Tags: fanfic, yunjae, zero to hero
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