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What If YooSu 4
Title:What if Yoosu Story ch 4
Paring YunJae and Yoosu

Junsu:During class Yoochun kept sneaking glances at Junsu. He tried ignoring them but the pink on his cheeks gave him away. Yoochun smiled. ~~~he's mine~~. Yunho kept his eye on a spacial person too. On his Boyfriend. The cough made Yunho worried. Jaejoong looked really pale. He still heard him cough. After 3 more classes it was lunch time. Yunho entered the lunch room looking for Jaejoong but only saw Junsu. He was sitting across Yoochun. He looked really nerves. But about what?

Yunho ran to them "have you seen Jaejoong?"
Yoochun was the first to answer "no"
Yunho" how about you Junsu did you see him?"
Junsu with his head down said softly "he went to see the nurse"

Yunho ran out of the lunch room to the nurse. But when he asked her about a pale boy with a cough she answered with "had few boys with cuts but no one with a cough" Yunho was frightened. He ran to all of Jaejoongs classes but checked all the once he passed by as well. But no Jaejoong. Gym, lunch room again bathrooms, music room, art room, even the equipment room. Even though Jaejoong doesn't play sports or have any classes close to it. No Luck. He ran to the roof and the basement. Still nothing. He ran out side checked the front and the back gate. He checked every where. All was left was the garden. Yunho walked in. He scanned the garden carefully. He walked to a tree in the middle of the garden and there his back on the trunk of the tree laid Jaejoong. Yunho ran to him. He shook him and called his name but his eyes didn't open.

Yunho " Jaejoong what happened?" Yunho picked him up bridal style and ran out of the garden. He ran in to the school headed strait to the nurse. He kicked the door open, made one of its hinges brake. And scaring the nurse.

Nurse saw Yunho carrying an unconscious boy "put him on the bed ~Yunho put Jaejoong on the bed~ now stand back"
Yunho stood back by the broken door as the nurse listened to Jaejoongs hear and took his temperature.

Nurse" what happened?"
Yunho" i found him like that is he okay?"
Nurse" I dont know yet..was he the one you were talking about the boy with a cough?"
Yunho nodded
Nurse walked to her desk took out a syringe and a small glass bottle. She filled the syringe with the liquid from the bottle and injected Jaejoong with it.


Nurse " thats the bell you better get to class"
Yunho "no im staying here"
Nurse " dont be silly come back after class "
Yunho" NO Im staying HERE"
Nurse turned to him with a stern look "his will be fine there is no need for you to ditch class now go"
She pointed on the door but Yunho didn't budge.
She sighed " its just a cold his fever is already going down i'll make sure he know you were here. Ill be calling his parents to pick him up so go back to class. You can always visit him at home."
Yunho was reluctant but the nurse let him feel Jaejoongs forhead. His fever really did go down. He heard the nurse calling Jaejoongs mother and decited to visit him after school. He still has to tell Junsu. That guy must be going crazy with worry by now. Yunho said see you later to Jaejoong and a good-bye to the nurse. And ran to class.

Yoochun :Yoochun patted the worried Junsu back as the boy quietly mumbled "where is he? did something happen? was he kidnapped?"

He tired to clam the cute boy down but no matter what he said Junsu kept mumbling. Until Yunho took a sit next to him and Yoochun.

Junsu grabbed Yunho's shirt " did you find him?"
Yunho could tell he was right about Junsu being worried. He nodded and told him where he found Jaejoong and what the nurse said. Junsu freaked out when he hear Jaejoong fainted but calmed down when he hear his fever went down.

Junsu to no one particular " I have to make sure he's okay...what a pabo must have stayed up in his back yard again"

School dragged after they found out Jaejoong fainted. But now that it was FINALLY over. They made
hold on hold on

Changmin interrupted Yoochun " WHERE THE HELL AM I IN ALL THIS?"
Yoochun smiled but Junsu was the one to answer "your not in it " he stuck his tong out at Min. Min was gonna slap Junsu when Yoochun pushed him away "dont worry your part is coming up be patient"
Junsu and Yoochun giggled after he said patient like it was there secret joke.
Jaejoong "okay okay get back to the story Yoochun"

But now that it was FINALLY over. They made there way to Jaejoongs house. His mother open was on the way out when they arrived. She looked worried and in a real hurry.

All three in simultaneously " hello Mrs Kim"
Mrs.Kim smiled hiding the worry " oh hello boys ~Mrs kim looked at Junsu she paused and he expression changed slightly she was sad but she quickly put a smile back on~  hello su are you here to check on Jaejoong? "
Junsu " yes is he alright? i hear from Yunho he fainted is he alright? can i see him?"
Mrs.Kim's face saddened she couldn't hid from Junsu's worried expression " Junsu ~she had to tell him~ Jaejoong he's..... he's been taken.... he's been taken to the hospital just a minute ago"

"WHAT?!?!?!" All three of them yelled out

I'll be posting the parts soon Punish Teaser
After i'll finish What if ill start with Punish. Here's a teaser

Title: Punish
Coupling: Yunjae, Yoosu
Rated: R (Beware when it's Rated R I don't only mean adult contact it might be set on friends only but i didn't know yet)

Punish Teaser
The Punish Rules
Rule 1: You must be Wealthy to join Punish
Rule 2: No Cops and/or any other out side authority.
Rule 3: Only people marked Rumor can talk about Punish
Rule 4: No employ can touch or harm the product only customers have the privilege.
Rule 5: Customers and employees who break the rules will be dealt with by the security staff of Punish.

I was walking home from work it was late at night. I was walking by that park when i hear a stick break. I turned around no one was there. I began to walk faster, until i was almost running. I felt someone watching me i looked back again but still no one was there. I ran across the street and stopped near an ally to catch my breath. I put my hand on my knees and my head down as i took beep breath's. Once i calmed down i stud up strait and looked ahead. At the end of the block i saw a man staring at me i baked away a little be fore turning around to find he was on the on the other side to but closer this time. I turned again ready to run but he was standing right behind me. He grabbed my arms as i tried to run and garbed me to in to the ally. I screamed and struggled. I began to hit him with all my strength but he didn't budge.

"LET ME GO!!!!"
I saw his face. He was smiling at me  as i hit and struggled to get out of his grip. He slammed me against the wall and came closer.

"LET GO PERVERT!!!!!" I screamed but he only laughed
"what a pretty girl" he whispered in my ear and moved his face closer to mine.
"IM A GUY ASSHOLE.....LET ME GO!!!!" he stopped moving closer and moved back and looked at my chest then my face. He let go of my arms.I started to ease away from him when he slammed his hand on the wall in front of me. I looked at him he had smirk on his face then he garbed my shoulders pressing me against the wall and leaned in. He whispered in my ear  making me flinch as his breath touched me ear.

"I know"
I screamed for help as he garbed my hear and tilted my head up to face him. He leaned in and kissed me. I tried to push him off but he slammed his body against mine. Tears started to fall from my eye's as his other hand slid around under my shirt. He licked my lips wanting me to open my mouth but i struggled in replay. His hand made its was up to my nipple and pinched it with his nails causing me to yelp out in pain. He didn't think twitch before sticking his tong in my mouth. I felt sick. He let go of my mouth to lick my jaw and moved down to my neck biting and sucking it.

"PLEASE STOP!!!!.....LET ME GO!!!!......SOMEBODY HELP!!!!"
I screamed and pleaded but now one came he didn't stop. He tour open my shit and slowly liked down from my neck to my shoulders. Then back up to my neck.

"AH!!" i felt something sharp cut my neck. OMG HE HAD A KNIFE. I freaked out and struggled harder. But to my horror he moaned against my ear and chuckled. I could feel blood running out of the cut he liked it and moaned again. He grabbed my chin  in his hand and tilted my head to the side exposing my neck with the cut in it making it bleed more. He began to breath heavy and growl. With no wronging a felt a sharp pain in my neck. HE'S BITING ME. I struggled but he didn't move i began to feel weak. After some time my hands fell to my sides and i fell silent. I couldn't move. I hear some one scream at him and his mouth let go of my neck i could fell two hard teeth pull out of my neck. He looked toured the group of people.

He let go of my and disappeared. I dropped to the ground and could move I heard them running tours me and one of them turned me on my back.

"CALL THE AMBULANCE...hey you okay?"
"Help" i whispered before everything want black.

I woke up on screaming. i had a bed dream in it i woke up. i looked around i was in a hospital room on the ground. i stud up and saw some on laying on the ground next to the bed. It was a nurse, i ran to her and checked her pules but she was dead. On her neck there was blood. I could smell her blood  on my hands and suddenly i remembered.

Flash Back------
I woke and heard a gasp.
"You scared are you feeling?...SHIT!"
I turned my head to see a nurse sucking her finger. She threw out the needle and got a new one. My stomach growled i was hungry. She smiled at me and said she'll bring some thing up for me after she's done with the I.V.She left then came back a few hour later covered in blood. She walked to me.

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a little longer ...."
She kept talking but it faded away as my heart beat begin to speed up she walked tours the monitor and said something again. I grabbed her suddenly and she screamed. I bit her i could hear her hurt beating fast and sucked until i didn't hear it any more. I let her go and she fell to the floor. i freaked and baked away until i couldn't see here. Suddenly everything want black again. I Jumped from my knees and was about to run out the door when i realized i was in a hospital gown. I ran to the closet and changed out of the gown and ran out of the room. I ran to the th bathroom and saw my face it was covered in blood i washed it. I stood there staring at my self. I frantically started to look at my neck and found it.... 2 dots. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!
It happened it wasn't a dream i fell to the grown crying. I hear a scream and walked to the door and saw a nurse running from my room to a doctor they both ran in to the room and i ran to the stared and out of the hospital to my house. I ran in and lucked my door i walked to my living room and there was someone waiting for me.

"Hello My name is Mr. Lee" he walked tour me but i staped back so he stopped and smiled at me. I felt a little clam when i heard his voice and saw his smile.

"I know what you are Mr Kim Jaejoong"
"who do you know my name?"
"i know alot about what happend in the ally and in the hospital but dont worry im here to help you"
"What am i?"
"You already know"
"yes...come with me and you'll be safe...I can teach you how to control your hunger and can supply you with blood with out hurting any one"
"w-why do you want to help me?"
"I was just like you...the one who turned me left me for dead and I was stuck with this by myself... Its something no one expiration"
I stared at him as he walked to the light reviling his handsome face and fangs as he smiled.
"Once i took control of my self I have found people like me and helped them i want to help you...They know what you did and they will lock you up and if you go to long with out blood you will kill out of instanced it cant be helped"
I could hear siren's and cars pulling up. COPS!!! He extended his hand

"come on..i'll hid you but we need to go NOW!!!"
"COME ON'll be locked up for years you cant go cold turkey for that long you'll kill police and come on"
I took his hand and we jumped out the window with him.

That was a month ago. And I find my self wishing the cops found me. Mr.Lee took care of me for a 2 week. Teaching me all i need to know before he looked me up in his club.  Punish. Where all you fantasy's can become real. All you need is money.
Its a club where new vampires with out their Father's are turned to slaves and rented to violent, sexaholics, and mentally disturbed rich fucks. To do what ever there little heart desired.

Welcome to Punish....Your Eden....My Hell.

PUNISH Prologue
Title: Punish
Coupling: Yunjae, Yoosu
Rated: R (Beware when it's Rated R I don't only mean adult contact)

Punish prologue

Walking down a long dark hall way a man dressed in an expansive gray suit is led by another man in an expensive but black suit with a blood red shit.

"There are 4 types for your enjoyment before we show you the product you have to choose what type you'd like".  The man in the black explained and they set in an office. The man in the black suit shows the man in gray a hard cover animal skin wrapped catalog. The man in the gray opens it, inside there are 4  numbers  "Chooses".

1. Rare Meat
2. Medium Rare
3. Medium
4. Well Done

The man in the gray suit smiled white sharp teeth can be seen clearly. The man voiced out "3". He was handed another catalog. Hard covered also wrapped in animal skin with a word in gold calligraphy on the front. Medium. Inside there were pictures under them names age and condition of the product. The name in gray pointed at one of  them. "good choice sir" The man in the black suit led him out of the office. And back to the dark corridor down a large stair case to the third floor and to another corridor as dark as the last one. They stopped at a dark wooden door. The man in the black suit turned to him and spoke."Heed the rules of this club and this level or you shall be dealt with accordingly to our rules" The man bowed to him as the man in the black suit turned to leave. He soon vanished down the corridor. The man in the gray vanished behind the door. It locked behind him. Only a minute passed before screams of pain and dark laughter were hear from behind the door.
The Punish mansion was located on a cliff in the deep dark woods that were said to be haunted. Few dared to enter the woods. These few only entered for they knew what hid behind the tall dark trees. There were towns. But all were out side the woods. They built high walls with wood sharpened to points on the out side of the wall. When asked by travelers the locals spoke of wild animals. A lie but a necessary one. For the truth will only bring curiosity and death.

POV of a Ravened Haired Beauty
Rules here are worth more then gold and diamonds. One mistake and you disappear. Gone like you've never existed. Dead. Lucky more like it. The mansion had a catalog with 4 category's inside. That catalog had its own catalogs for each category. Each had a level in the mansion devoted to it. With rooms with a choice of sound proof or not. Each one had rules for what you can do or not do to the merchandise. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking the merchandise are people. The mansion is nothing more then a brothel, a whore house. You are only partially right. If that's what you want to call us. People. We all were people once. Until that life was ripped away from us. Now they call us orphans. And do with us what they wish. The mansion on the other hand is what you think it is. But its also so much more. Its our hell. Hell we share only with the other orphans. Our captor's employees have two rules. One: do not touch. Two: protect the merchandise. For the customers it was different. The catalogs from Rare Meat to Well Done.The Rules. They were different for each.
Rare Meat had the most rules and no's.
1:Must be gentle with the merchandise.
2: No violence is to be used on the Rare Meat class.
3: No insulting
4: No pain can be caused to the merchandise.
5: No whips, chain, or any thing that will injure the merchandise .
6: No weapons
7: No injuring the merchandise.
8: The merchandise must be left unharmed after each visit.
9: No biting
10: No toys
11: No beating the merchandise.
12: You will be informed of how far or what can you do to the merchandise.

Medium Rare
1: No weapons
2: No injuring the merchandise
3: Must be gentle with the merchandise
4: Only toys available can be used
5: Soft biting permitted
6: Soflt Beating permitted
7: Light insults permitted
8: Normal Sexual contact permitted

1: Available weapons can be used.
2: Biting permitted
3: Any toys permitted
4: Medium Beating permitted
5: Insults permitted
6: All sexual contact permitted

Well Done had only one rule
1: No killing the merchandise

All the orphans wanted to be Free. But if they had to chose they would pick Rare Meat class. Even Medium Rare wasn't that bad. It was the Well Done category we all feared. The horror that they had to face was beyond our imagination. As they were tortured by the sickest vermin's of all. I caught a glimpse once. After he was done with him. I saw the employees carry the barely breathing body out of the room. Covered with blood. Skin ripped apart. He was rushed to the blood tank and dropped in it. 4 hours later I saw him walking fully dressed not a cut or bruise on his body. That was they do. They fix them then send them back. We heard some of the Medium and Well Done say " we all started as Rare Meat" they would say it as they pass by us. Loud and clear so we would hear it. They would laugh and point at us mouthing your next. I wanted to go home. Please I wanna go. Someone SAVE ME.

Yunjae 7 and last
Title: HUH!!!!

Next Day

"AISH!!! I shouldn't have left Jaejoong alone....No one's picking up"

"SU its gona be okay"

"NO ITS NOT YOOCHUN.....OMG what if Yunho raped him...OMG OMG i have to save Jaejoong"

Junsu ran out of the apartment fallowed by a smiling Yoochun. Both got in the car and drove to Junsu's and Jaejoong's house.

Junsu ran in and looked for Jaejoong.

'Jaejoong..Jaejoong OMG!!' Junsu ran in to Jaejoong's bed room to find Jaejoong trapped in Yunho's arms.

"LET GO OF MY FRIEND YOU PERVERT!!!!" Junsu grabed Jaejoong's pillow and hit Yunho over the head.

"Yunho give me back my-JUNSU WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Jaejoong grabbed the pillow as Yoochun pulled Junsu off the now awake and confused Yunho.

"Junsu why did you hit me?" Yunho asked as Jaejoong rubbed his head. When Yunho touched Jaejoong's hand Junsu want in to a fit.

"DON'T TOUCH HIM YOU FUCKING RAPIST!!!!" Junsu lanched him self at Yunho almost escaping Yoochun. But Yoochun got a good grip on Junsu's waist. Yunho hid behind arm crossed Jaejoong.



"Joongie i don't understand...what did i do?" Yunho pouted cutely on Jaejoongs shoulder as he hid behind him from the scary Junsu.

"IM GONNA GET YOU PERVERT!!!" Junsu struggled to escape Yoochuns hold when Jaejoong stood on his knee's gave him the death glare that made him and Yoochun freeze.

"Did i do something to you Joongie?" Yunho cutely hugged Jaejoongs waist with a worryed face looked up at Jaejoong.

"no you didnt do any thing"

"then why is Junsu oppa calling me a pervert and rapist?"

"cause he's an idiot"



Junsu and Yoochun looked at the angry Jaejoong then at the pouting sad Yunho.


Yunjae 6
Title: I will love to never leave you

Jaejoong's POV

I was jumping up and down. Running back and fourth in my living room. I realized last night that that i want Yunho. Not just body but all of him every thing. I was never this selfish before or possessive.

I heard Yunho talking to someone on the phone. I wanted to rip the door off its hinges and break the phone after yelling YUNHO'S MINE!!!! But Yunho was unlocking the door i smiled and pretended to sleep. But


I heard Yunho walk over. I felt his eyes on my i wanted to smile but i held it in. I head something better in mind.

"Yunnie stop" i giggled in my sleep.

end of POV

Yunho's POV

He's dreaming about me. I'm gonna stay may be he'll say something else.

"Yunnie stop that tickles" He giggled again. He SOOOO CUTE!!!

Jaejoong's eye's shot open and i fell back. He scared me.

"I knew you stare at me when I am sleeping"

I had my hand on my heart. I was beating so fest. And i got caught too SHIT! this is not my night.

Jaejoong set up and looked at me.

"SO..why do you stare at me when I'm sleeping?..don't you get bored of my face? Even when in awake you stare"

I looked Jaejoong in the eye. 'Junsu and Yoochun are right'. I needed to tell Jaejoong.

"I'll never get bored of looking at you" Jaejoong blushed.

I smiled and leaned forward but not too close and not too far. I knew Jaejoong had a thing about personal space thanks to his EX.

end of POV

Jaejoong's POV

It took me by surprised. I didn't expect him to be this ..this.... forwarder. He leaned closed to my face but not all the way.

"I could stare at you until i die and never get sick of your beautiful face"


"Just being around you makes me happy"

My face was red. I turned away trying to hid my face. But he gently turned my face to look at him. But i couldn't. My eyes went any where but on Yunho.

"please look at me Jaejoongie" He was so sweet. Always sweet to me. Never looked at or checked out any one in front of me. I was always the center of his attentions. I hugged my knee's and looked at him. But i looked away almost immediately. He let out a laugh that made my heart skip. I just set there blushed as Yunho stared at me smiling.

"D-don't stare"

"Please...let me at least look at you....I know i cant have please let me at least look at you and be around you"

Yunho sounded sad. I looked at him and saw his sad face.

"Please let me just be around you...I'll try to accept you will never be mine but please... I'll die if i can see you smile at me"

My heart pounded in my chest. I thought it was gonna fly out. I put my hand over my heart wanting to make sure it doesn't fly out.

"W-who said I-um...wont yours" i couldn't look at him i was so embarrass.

"I love you"

WOW!!! I hid my face in my knee's

"Pleases...tell me what you think of me...If I'm just a friend I'll except we can act like this conversation never happened but please don't lie to me...tell me what you really feel"

I couldn't look at him nor talk to him. I took my phone and text-ed him.


i think you sweet and always make me feel like the most important person. You spoiled me too much and i liked it so i don't want you to go any were.

end of POV

Yunho looked at Jaejoong who buried his face back in his knees.

"Jaejoong tell me don't text..."


From: Joongie

please just ask what ever you want ill tell you just please

" you like me?"

From: Joongie


"how much do you like me"

From: Joongie

a lot

"l-like a....friend?" Jaejoong heard the pain in Yunho's voice when he said friend. It made him so happy thinking how Yunho will react when he reads his text.

From: Joongie


Yunho's heart beat quickened.

"more..t-then a....friend?"

From: Joongie


Yunho's face lid up like a Christmas tree. His face had the biggest smile on his face. He picked up Jaejoong's face. Jaejoong looked in to Yunho's eye's. his face still blushed.

"um...can I...kiss you?" Jaejoong shyly nodded and Yunho leaned in. But pulled back suddenly.

"um...I..want to kiss...y-you on the lips"

"o-oh...o-okay" Jaejoong didn't look at Yunho. Just looked down.

Yunho kissed him gently and Jaejoong kissed back. But Yunho got too excited so he pulled back. Jaejoong stared at him wide eye's.

"I-I'm sorry...I just got too..."

"excited?" Jaejoong finished Yunho's sentence.


"I-It's okay...If you'll take responsibility"

Yunho sat next to Jaejoong and hugged him.

"I already did when i first kissed you...I wont do anything to you with out your permission...just don't leave me okay?"

"I'm suppose to say don't leave me not you" Jaejoong giggled in to Yunho's chest.

"never" Jaejoong fell asleep in Yunho's arm's

Yunho's POV

YES!!!!YES YES!!!! He likes me. YES!!! "Don't worry my dear BooJae. I'll make sure you fall for me completely. I'll make you so happy for the rest of your life".

end of POV

Jaejoong was resting againts Yunho's chest but he wasn't sleeping. He heard every thing Yunho whispered in to his ear. Jaejoong snuggled closer to Yunho.

'don't worry i already did and am'

After that thought Jaejoong fell asleep. Slowly put Jaejoong on the couch and when to clean up Jaejoong's bed. After changing the sheets, putting them in the washer, Yunho turned it on. He made his way back to Jaejoong. Picked him up bridal style and took him to his room. After tucking him in. He was about to leave when Jaejoong grabbed his arm.

"you can stay..i-if you want" Yunho smiled and crawled under the covers. Jaejoong turned toured him and cuddled in to his's welcoming arms. Yunho held Jaejoong protectively.

"we'r together now right Joongie?"

Jaejoong giggled.

"yes we are" Yunho and Jaejoong fell asleep happy and in each other arms.

will there be an extra ending?!?!

Yunjae 3
Yunjae 3
Title: Just the thought of you make's me Goofy


Jaejoongs POV

"WHAT THE!!" My eye shot open. I stud up and walked to my window.

"Shit its am i gonna get to work now.I'll be soaking wet before I'll reach the bus stop." I puff my cheeks, looked at the clock it was 10 am. I have to be at work at 12. So I walked to my closet to get ready. 'I guess i should take some thing to change in to when i get to work'

I pulled out my gym bag and put my work shirt, pants, pair of socks, shoes and a sweater if i get cold in it. I grabbed my towel and turned around. Then it hit me.

"I'm in... my ROOM?!?"

Flash Back in Jaejoong's POV

I paced back and forth in my living room smiling like an idiot. The giggling finally stopped but I couldn't wash off the fudging smile.

"stop..stop it...STOP SMILING YOU IDIOT!!!" i screamed at my self in the living room mirror and it worked. I gave out a sigh of relief. But when i closed my eyes as i sighed a vision of what happened flash in my mind and I smiled, then the giggling started all over again.


I plopped my self on the couch with the fudging fuzzy felling. It took me half hour to stop giggling when i ran out of my room then another to stop smiling. I was too tired so this time i just let my self giggle and smile. 'i surrender'

'what will it least I'll fall asleep happy' and i did.

end of flash back, continue Jaejoong's POV

I fell asleep in THE LIVING ROOM!!! HOW DID I GET HERE?!...WHEN DID I GET HERE?!! I looked around but Yunho wasn't there. I walked to the living room and there he was cuddled in to 3 blankets sleeping.... More like shivering.

I took out a quilt from my closet and put it over him. The shivering stopped and he smiled.

The fuzzy feeling took over again and i ran in to my bathroom. Closing and locking the door as the giggling and smiling started again.

"AISH!!! Whats happening to me?"

end of POV

Jaejoong took a shower with a smile on his face giggling every now and again. After the shower he walked back to his closet and changed to the most water proof clouts he had.



"HEY Jaejoongie... GREAT that i caught you"

"Good Morning Mr. Shim I'm leaving now. I won't be late to work"

"HAHA Jaejoong that's not why I'm calling...see i knew you would show up no matter what weather and on time so I'm calling to tell you Stay home the weather is getting worse so I'm not opening the store today"


"You sound disseminated... miss me already? HUH?"

"NOOOO!! Im very Happy.Because I'll eat all my food with out SOMEONE stealing it every time i turn around"

"HAHAHA It's not me Jaejoongie really"

"Yeah Yeah"

"Your so mean....I'll call you when the store will open so relax and think of today as your day off...bye Jaejoongie"

"Bye Changminie"


Jaejoong was about to change back to his PJ's when..


"AISH that's loud...i guess I'll just watch a movie or something" Jaejoong put on sweatpants and a very large sweeter that fell off one shoulder. He completely forgot about the sleeping body that resides on his couch.

He made some popcorn and picked a movie still oblivious to the couch hogger. He grabbed his popcorn turned off the lights and plopped down on on the couch actually on the body on the couch.

"AHAHAHA!!!" Jaejoong jumped up spilling his popcorn on the floor before tripping over the coffee table.

"yah..Jaejoong stopped screaming and ow you set on me"


"Yea who else?" Yunho turned the lights on and smiled. Jaejoong's was blushing. And to Yunho it was the cutest thing ever. He walked up to Jaejoong and sat in front of him on the floor.

Yunho smile washed away suddenly as he turned bright red and stared at Jaejoong but not on his face.

'why's he so red? and what's he STARING AT?!?!' Jaejoong looked down and noticed his sweater fell of his shoulder and exposed a piece of his chest. Including with on of his nipples. Jaejoong quickly fixed his sweater and stood up.

"PERVERT!!!" was the word that snapped Yunho from his naughty thoughts shortly fallowed by a cushion from the couch hitting his face with a great amount of force over and over. Yunho got up and tried to take the cushion from Jaejoongs grip. They struggled for a few minutes but Jaejoong's clumsy nature bud in.

Jaejoong slipped and fell taking Yunho with him.


After a few groans and moans of pain. Jaejoong opened his eyes to see Yunho on top of him red face and staring.

Yunho POV

'ow ow ow owww that hurt....what did i fall on?' i open my eye and there was Jaejoong eyes closed. He moaned from the pain and he rubbed his head. And i couldn't stop the blood from rushing every where in my body. His doe eyes opened and when he saw me he blushed too his heart started to beat as fast as mine just like before. He bit his lower lip and licked it a little. So I couldn't control myself.

'Sorry Joongie'.

End of POV

Yunho leaned in and kissed Jaejoong. But this time it wasn't quick nor short.

Jaejoong's POV

'OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! He's kissing me!!!.OMG IM KISSING BACK WTF!!!.... WHERE THE HELL ARE MY ARMS GOING?!?!?!

end of POV

Jaejoong had his arms wrapped around Yunho's neck tightly. His eyes closed and his lips responding. No matter how loud and how much he protested in his mind his body did the opposite. Pulling Yunho closer. Yunho's bit on Jaejoongs bottom lip. Causing him to moan in to the kiss. Yunho stuck his tong in. Jaejoong sucked on his toung and Yunho moaned.

There tongs fought for dominance until they ran out of air so Yunho broke the kiss. Jaejoong whimper at the lose.

There was some popcorn poking Yunho's Knee so he moves it.

"MMMM" Yunho's eye's widened at what he just heard. He looked at Jaejoong. His face was fully flushed and his breathing has heavier. The popcorn still poked his knee so Yunho moved again.

"YUNHO" Jaejoong moaned quietly.

Yunho liked what he heard but he didn't understand why was Jaejoong like this.

"Y-your k-knee" Jaejoong whimpered to him.

"what?" Yunho looked down. His face turned red. Yunho's knee was in between Jaejoongs legs and every close to his sensitive part that's under Jaejoongs sweats .


Zero to Hero ch 2
Began as a zero
A year has past. And rumors about Little Yunhos father began to spread. Ae-cha did not care about the rude and mean words thrown her way. Her world was taken over completely by Little Yunho, from his first smile to the first time he crawled. Appa, Eomma, and Chin-hwa feared that all the negative words has affected Ae-cha. So they tried to leave her behind as mush as possible when they left to the town for supplies. But today Ae-cha didn't give in.

Ae-cha playing with Yunho " Look Eomma hes tiring to catch a butterfly......Eomma Yunnie tripped but hes not crying (Ae-cha hugged Yunho ) Aw my brave boy..."

Appa, Ae-cha and little Yunho waited by the carriage for Chin-hwa and Eomma in front of the butcher. Appa saw the mean faces the town people gave his daughter and grandson. But Ae-cha and Yunho were in their own little blissful world.

Woman #1 " thats her and thats the brat.. I can't believe she had the nerve to take that thing in to town "

Woman #2 " i know.. if i was her id throw that thing in the river and move away..far away"

The two women laugh and spoke loud so Ae-cha could hear but she was consumed by little Yunhos incoherent babble. Men and children would also walk by them just to insult the young mother. But each word would bounce off their invisible force filed of joy and be left unheard by her. Yet not every one hated the Jungs. Few people loved the cute little baby just as much as Ae-cha did.

Chin-hwa and Eomma finally came out from the butcher with an entire pig. which they couldn't afford.

Appa helping Chin-hwa put the pig in the carriage " Mr. Shim is very helpful but he didn't have to give us so much"

Eomma " I tried to tell know how he adores Yunho"

They bought some vegetables from Mr. Park including free strawberries, and fabrics for the baby from Mrs. Kim extra few inches free. Bread from Mr. Kim 2 more rolls free , and some pots from Mrs. Park including a mini bowl and spoon especially made for Yunho. As the rode home Yunhos and Ae-cha's giggles were heard and envied by the rude towns people.


Far away. Up on the top of the tallest and most famous mountain called Mount Olympus. Hera was screaming in anger inside her luxurious room.

Hera " THAT CHEATING ....AHHHHH!!!..Im more beautiful then Aphrodite herself, powerful and smart...WHAT MORE DOSE HE WANT!!!"

A scared messenger made him self known "my dear goddesses?"

Hera turned around " WHAT?!!!... ah Hermes give me some good news"

Hermes was frighten he backed up a little " y-yes My he was born a year ago and leaves in Athens"

Hera smirked "finally I'll have my revenge ...Zeus will remember who is his queen"

On the other side of the mountain, Zeus was watching over a little person on earth. Until Athena entered.

Athena " father.. mother knows about him"

Zeus not taking his eyes off earth "HAHAHA...I don't care..awww look at him... he has my temper HAHAHA"

Athena pleads to her father " wont you stop...Please let him be the last"

Zeus "I wanted a son and i got one. Im a god and I will have what i my dear daughter come and take a look...isn't he handsome HAHA ... his mother is just as beautiful as I remember"

Athena smiled "Awww his cute...whats his name?"

Zeus smiled " HAHA ....Yunho...My little Jung Yunho"

Zero to Hero
Zero To Hero
Couple: YunJae
Rated: Smug,R
Summery: Aphrodite must leave her new born and only son with his human father. Because of his beauty he must be protected from the Gods. Sent away to an island never to leave. Zeus Fathers another child strong and brave a year later. Hera Can take no more of Zeus children. What will Hera do to the boy? Will the beauty every see more then a coast line of a small island? And why was he out cast by his mother? why must he be protected

Birth Of The Strong and Brave

It was a stormy night. The thunder and lighting roared. The rain pored hard where ever as the strong wind threw it whichever way it wished. On this horrible night. The screams of a young maiden want unheard.


9 months later. In a beautiful garden covered with all colors and types of flowers and tall strong trees. A young maiden strolls by marble water fountain depicting lovers . She stops in front of a wiping willow tree, and pulls back its long curtain like branches covered with green leaves that touch the grown faintly. She sits down on the green grass letting her back fall softly on the trunk of the tree. And sigh happily.

"Ae-cha where are you?"

A soft voice of her Eomma calls out to her.

"...Im here eomma"

A woman pulls back the soft branches of the willow tree and approaches the young maiden worried.

Eomma" Ae-cha should be careful...What if the baby comes when your out like this?"

Ae-cha says happily" don't worry Eomma..I'll be fine.. His father is watching over me"

Eomma sadly nods" Yes...that might be true....but still don't go off like that...tell me first okay?"

Ae-cha smiles at her Eomma as she rises to her feet " Alright mo-AH!"

Ae-cha's knees buckled as he grabbed the trunk of the tree with her left hand and her stomach with her right in pain. Eomma quickly took her arm.

Eomma alarmed" Ae-cha!! wh-whats wrong?"

Ae-cha began to breathing heavy " Eomma-ah....I....I think the baby-AHH!! coming"

Eomma "OH NO!!...Not here!!"

Eomma puts Ae-cha's arm around her neck and helps her toured their home. Once they are in screaming distance they hear Appa's voice.

Eomma "OH that sounds like appa... Chin-hwa and appa must be back.. CHIN-HWA!!! COME HELP!!! THE BABY IS COMING!!!"

Soon a young man appears and lifts Ae-cha. He runs with Eomma and Ae-cha in to the house putting her down on her bed.

Eomma " run now and get the doctor Chin-hwa quickly go"

Chin-hwa nodes and runs to the town. Appa enters the room with a towel. Eomma and Appa try to comfort their daughter as they wait for Chin-hwa to return with the doctor.

Eomma " breath honey it will all be over soon"

Ae-cha screams in pain. As the doctor enters with Chin-hwa behind him.

Doctor" quickly get me more towels and warm water"

Appa and Chin-hwa get the water and towels setting them close to the doctor before get kicked out of the room. Appa and Chin-hwa paced out side the door. They would twitch every time they heard Ae-cha scream inside. Time flew by painfully slow. 2 hours have past until Ae-cha screaming stopped and a new scream more high pitch and vulnerable came from the room. The doctor opened the door and congratulated both men out side.

Doctor " Its a healthy baby boy HAHA..congratulations ...Ae-cha is going good but she should rest for a few days i"ll return tomorrow to check on her..Child birth isn't an easy thing haha... you can go inside now"

Chin-hwa walked the doctor out as Appa slowly walked in to take a look at his grandson.

Appa heart soared at what he saw. Ae-cha was siting on the bed under the coves singing to a now calm and wrapped in a towel baby in her arms. He walked slowly and quietly to her side.

Ae-cha looking at Appa" look Appa...Yunho not crying any more"

Appa "Yu-Yunho?."

Ae-cha looking back at her baby patting his head lightly smiling" Yes... that his you like it?"

Appa "Its perfect"

Ae-cha looks out the window smiling "Look.. our sons is born and hes health..his name is Yunho"

Thunder erupts in the clear sky scaring Appa.

Ae-cha smiles to little Yunho " Appa says hi"


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