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What If YooSu 4

Title:What if Yoosu Story ch 4
Paring YunJae and Yoosu

Junsu:During class Yoochun kept sneaking glances at Junsu. He tried ignoring them but the pink on his cheeks gave him away. Yoochun smiled. ~~~he's mine~~. Yunho kept his eye on a spacial person too. On his Boyfriend. The cough made Yunho worried. Jaejoong looked really pale. He still heard him cough. After 3 more classes it was lunch time. Yunho entered the lunch room looking for Jaejoong but only saw Junsu. He was sitting across Yoochun. He looked really nerves. But about what?

Yunho ran to them "have you seen Jaejoong?"
Yoochun was the first to answer "no"
Yunho" how about you Junsu did you see him?"
Junsu with his head down said softly "he went to see the nurse"

Yunho ran out of the lunch room to the nurse. But when he asked her about a pale boy with a cough she answered with "had few boys with cuts but no one with a cough" Yunho was frightened. He ran to all of Jaejoongs classes but checked all the once he passed by as well. But no Jaejoong. Gym, lunch room again bathrooms, music room, art room, even the equipment room. Even though Jaejoong doesn't play sports or have any classes close to it. No Luck. He ran to the roof and the basement. Still nothing. He ran out side checked the front and the back gate. He checked every where. All was left was the garden. Yunho walked in. He scanned the garden carefully. He walked to a tree in the middle of the garden and there his back on the trunk of the tree laid Jaejoong. Yunho ran to him. He shook him and called his name but his eyes didn't open.

Yunho " Jaejoong what happened?" Yunho picked him up bridal style and ran out of the garden. He ran in to the school headed strait to the nurse. He kicked the door open, made one of its hinges brake. And scaring the nurse.

Nurse saw Yunho carrying an unconscious boy "put him on the bed ~Yunho put Jaejoong on the bed~ now stand back"
Yunho stood back by the broken door as the nurse listened to Jaejoongs hear and took his temperature.

Nurse" what happened?"
Yunho" i found him like that is he okay?"
Nurse" I dont know yet..was he the one you were talking about the boy with a cough?"
Yunho nodded
Nurse walked to her desk took out a syringe and a small glass bottle. She filled the syringe with the liquid from the bottle and injected Jaejoong with it.


Nurse " thats the bell you better get to class"
Yunho "no im staying here"
Nurse " dont be silly come back after class "
Yunho" NO Im staying HERE"
Nurse turned to him with a stern look "his will be fine there is no need for you to ditch class now go"
She pointed on the door but Yunho didn't budge.
She sighed " its just a cold his fever is already going down i'll make sure he know you were here. Ill be calling his parents to pick him up so go back to class. You can always visit him at home."
Yunho was reluctant but the nurse let him feel Jaejoongs forhead. His fever really did go down. He heard the nurse calling Jaejoongs mother and decited to visit him after school. He still has to tell Junsu. That guy must be going crazy with worry by now. Yunho said see you later to Jaejoong and a good-bye to the nurse. And ran to class.

Yoochun :Yoochun patted the worried Junsu back as the boy quietly mumbled "where is he? did something happen? was he kidnapped?"

He tired to clam the cute boy down but no matter what he said Junsu kept mumbling. Until Yunho took a sit next to him and Yoochun.

Junsu grabbed Yunho's shirt " did you find him?"
Yunho could tell he was right about Junsu being worried. He nodded and told him where he found Jaejoong and what the nurse said. Junsu freaked out when he hear Jaejoong fainted but calmed down when he hear his fever went down.

Junsu to no one particular " I have to make sure he's okay...what a pabo must have stayed up in his back yard again"

School dragged after they found out Jaejoong fainted. But now that it was FINALLY over. They made
hold on hold on

Changmin interrupted Yoochun " WHERE THE HELL AM I IN ALL THIS?"
Yoochun smiled but Junsu was the one to answer "your not in it " he stuck his tong out at Min. Min was gonna slap Junsu when Yoochun pushed him away "dont worry your part is coming up be patient"
Junsu and Yoochun giggled after he said patient like it was there secret joke.
Jaejoong "okay okay get back to the story Yoochun"

But now that it was FINALLY over. They made there way to Jaejoongs house. His mother open was on the way out when they arrived. She looked worried and in a real hurry.

All three in simultaneously " hello Mrs Kim"
Mrs.Kim smiled hiding the worry " oh hello boys ~Mrs kim looked at Junsu she paused and he expression changed slightly she was sad but she quickly put a smile back on~  hello su are you here to check on Jaejoong? "
Junsu " yes is he alright? i hear from Yunho he fainted is he alright? can i see him?"
Mrs.Kim's face saddened she couldn't hid from Junsu's worried expression " Junsu ~she had to tell him~ Jaejoong he's..... he's been taken.... he's been taken to the hospital just a minute ago"

"WHAT?!?!?!" All three of them yelled out
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