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Yunjae 6

Title: I will love to never leave you

Jaejoong's POV

I was jumping up and down. Running back and fourth in my living room. I realized last night that that i want Yunho. Not just body but all of him every thing. I was never this selfish before or possessive.

I heard Yunho talking to someone on the phone. I wanted to rip the door off its hinges and break the phone after yelling YUNHO'S MINE!!!! But Yunho was unlocking the door i smiled and pretended to sleep. But


I heard Yunho walk over. I felt his eyes on my i wanted to smile but i held it in. I head something better in mind.

"Yunnie stop" i giggled in my sleep.

end of POV

Yunho's POV

He's dreaming about me. I'm gonna stay may be he'll say something else.

"Yunnie stop that tickles" He giggled again. He SOOOO CUTE!!!

Jaejoong's eye's shot open and i fell back. He scared me.

"I knew you stare at me when I am sleeping"

I had my hand on my heart. I was beating so fest. And i got caught too SHIT! this is not my night.

Jaejoong set up and looked at me.

"SO..why do you stare at me when I'm sleeping?..don't you get bored of my face? Even when in awake you stare"

I looked Jaejoong in the eye. 'Junsu and Yoochun are right'. I needed to tell Jaejoong.

"I'll never get bored of looking at you" Jaejoong blushed.

I smiled and leaned forward but not too close and not too far. I knew Jaejoong had a thing about personal space thanks to his EX.

end of POV

Jaejoong's POV

It took me by surprised. I didn't expect him to be this ..this.... forwarder. He leaned closed to my face but not all the way.

"I could stare at you until i die and never get sick of your beautiful face"


"Just being around you makes me happy"

My face was red. I turned away trying to hid my face. But he gently turned my face to look at him. But i couldn't. My eyes went any where but on Yunho.

"please look at me Jaejoongie" He was so sweet. Always sweet to me. Never looked at or checked out any one in front of me. I was always the center of his attentions. I hugged my knee's and looked at him. But i looked away almost immediately. He let out a laugh that made my heart skip. I just set there blushed as Yunho stared at me smiling.

"D-don't stare"

"Please...let me at least look at you....I know i cant have you..so please let me at least look at you and be around you"

Yunho sounded sad. I looked at him and saw his sad face.

"Please let me just be around you...I'll try to accept you will never be mine but please... I'll die if i can see you smile at me"

My heart pounded in my chest. I thought it was gonna fly out. I put my hand over my heart wanting to make sure it doesn't fly out.

"W-who said I-um...wont be..um... yours" i couldn't look at him i was so embarrass.

"I love you"

WOW!!! I hid my face in my knee's

"Pleases...tell me what you think of me...If I'm just a friend I'll except that..so we can act like this conversation never happened but please don't lie to me...tell me what you really feel"

I couldn't look at him nor talk to him. I took my phone and text-ed him.


i think you sweet and nice...you always make me feel like the most important person. You spoiled me too much and i liked it so i don't want you to go any were.

end of POV

Yunho looked at Jaejoong who buried his face back in his knees.

"Jaejoong tell me don't text..."


From: Joongie

please just ask what ever you want ill tell you just please

"okay...do you like me?"

From: Joongie


"how much do you like me"

From: Joongie

a lot

"l-like a....friend?" Jaejoong heard the pain in Yunho's voice when he said friend. It made him so happy thinking how Yunho will react when he reads his text.

From: Joongie


Yunho's heart beat quickened.

"more..t-then a....friend?"

From: Joongie


Yunho's face lid up like a Christmas tree. His face had the biggest smile on his face. He picked up Jaejoong's face. Jaejoong looked in to Yunho's eye's. his face still blushed.

"um...can I...kiss you?" Jaejoong shyly nodded and Yunho leaned in. But pulled back suddenly.

"um...I..want to kiss...y-you on the lips"

"o-oh...o-okay" Jaejoong didn't look at Yunho. Just looked down.

Yunho kissed him gently and Jaejoong kissed back. But Yunho got too excited so he pulled back. Jaejoong stared at him wide eye's.

"I-I'm sorry...I just got too..."

"excited?" Jaejoong finished Yunho's sentence.


"I-It's okay...If you'll take responsibility"

Yunho sat next to Jaejoong and hugged him.

"I already did when i first kissed you...I wont do anything to you with out your permission...just don't leave me okay?"

"I'm suppose to say don't leave me not you" Jaejoong giggled in to Yunho's chest.

"never" Jaejoong fell asleep in Yunho's arm's

Yunho's POV

YES!!!!YES YES!!!! He likes me. YES!!! "Don't worry my dear BooJae. I'll make sure you fall for me completely. I'll make you so happy for the rest of your life".

end of POV

Jaejoong was resting againts Yunho's chest but he wasn't sleeping. He heard every thing Yunho whispered in to his ear. Jaejoong snuggled closer to Yunho.

'don't worry i already did and am'

After that thought Jaejoong fell asleep. Slowly put Jaejoong on the couch and when to clean up Jaejoong's bed. After changing the sheets, putting them in the washer, Yunho turned it on. He made his way back to Jaejoong. Picked him up bridal style and took him to his room. After tucking him in. He was about to leave when Jaejoong grabbed his arm.

"you can stay..i-if you want" Yunho smiled and crawled under the covers. Jaejoong turned toured him and cuddled in to his's welcoming arms. Yunho held Jaejoong protectively.

"we'r together now right Joongie?"

Jaejoong giggled.

"yes we are" Yunho and Jaejoong fell asleep happy and in each other arms.

will there be an extra ending?!?!
Tags: fanfic, yunjae, yunjae fanfic
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