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I'll be posting the parts soon Punish Teaser

After i'll finish What if ill start with Punish. Here's a teaser

Title: Punish
Coupling: Yunjae, Yoosu
Rated: R (Beware when it's Rated R I don't only mean adult contact it might be set on friends only but i didn't know yet)

Punish Teaser
The Punish Rules
Rule 1: You must be Wealthy to join Punish
Rule 2: No Cops and/or any other out side authority.
Rule 3: Only people marked Rumor can talk about Punish
Rule 4: No employ can touch or harm the product only customers have the privilege.
Rule 5: Customers and employees who break the rules will be dealt with by the security staff of Punish.

I was walking home from work it was late at night. I was walking by that park when i hear a stick break. I turned around no one was there. I began to walk faster, until i was almost running. I felt someone watching me i looked back again but still no one was there. I ran across the street and stopped near an ally to catch my breath. I put my hand on my knees and my head down as i took beep breath's. Once i calmed down i stud up strait and looked ahead. At the end of the block i saw a man staring at me i baked away a little be fore turning around to find he was on the on the other side to but closer this time. I turned again ready to run but he was standing right behind me. He grabbed my arms as i tried to run and garbed me to in to the ally. I screamed and struggled. I began to hit him with all my strength but he didn't budge.

"LET ME GO!!!!"
I saw his face. He was smiling at me  as i hit and struggled to get out of his grip. He slammed me against the wall and came closer.

"LET GO PERVERT!!!!!" I screamed but he only laughed
"what a pretty girl" he whispered in my ear and moved his face closer to mine.
"IM A GUY ASSHOLE.....LET ME GO!!!!" he stopped moving closer and moved back and looked at my chest then my face. He let go of my arms.I started to ease away from him when he slammed his hand on the wall in front of me. I looked at him he had smirk on his face then he garbed my shoulders pressing me against the wall and leaned in. He whispered in my ear  making me flinch as his breath touched me ear.

"I know"
I screamed for help as he garbed my hear and tilted my head up to face him. He leaned in and kissed me. I tried to push him off but he slammed his body against mine. Tears started to fall from my eye's as his other hand slid around under my shirt. He licked my lips wanting me to open my mouth but i struggled in replay. His hand made its was up to my nipple and pinched it with his nails causing me to yelp out in pain. He didn't think twitch before sticking his tong in my mouth. I felt sick. He let go of my mouth to lick my jaw and moved down to my neck biting and sucking it.

"PLEASE STOP!!!!.....LET ME GO!!!!......SOMEBODY HELP!!!!"
I screamed and pleaded but now one came he didn't stop. He tour open my shit and slowly liked down from my neck to my shoulders. Then back up to my neck.

"AH!!" i felt something sharp cut my neck. OMG HE HAD A KNIFE. I freaked out and struggled harder. But to my horror he moaned against my ear and chuckled. I could feel blood running out of the cut he liked it and moaned again. He grabbed my chin  in his hand and tilted my head to the side exposing my neck with the cut in it making it bleed more. He began to breath heavy and growl. With no wronging a felt a sharp pain in my neck. HE'S BITING ME. I struggled but he didn't move i began to feel weak. After some time my hands fell to my sides and i fell silent. I couldn't move. I hear some one scream at him and his mouth let go of my neck i could fell two hard teeth pull out of my neck. He looked toured the group of people.

He let go of my and disappeared. I dropped to the ground and could move I heard them running tours me and one of them turned me on my back.

"CALL THE AMBULANCE...hey you okay?"
"Help" i whispered before everything want black.

I woke up on screaming. i had a bed dream in it i woke up. i looked around i was in a hospital room on the ground. i stud up and saw some on laying on the ground next to the bed. It was a nurse, i ran to her and checked her pules but she was dead. On her neck there was blood. I could smell her blood  on my hands and suddenly i remembered.

Flash Back------
I woke and heard a gasp.
"You scared me...how are you feeling?...SHIT!"
I turned my head to see a nurse sucking her finger. She threw out the needle and got a new one. My stomach growled i was hungry. She smiled at me and said she'll bring some thing up for me after she's done with the I.V.She left then came back a few hour later covered in blood. She walked to me.

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a little longer ...."
She kept talking but it faded away as my heart beat begin to speed up she walked tours the monitor and said something again. I grabbed her suddenly and she screamed. I bit her i could hear her hurt beating fast and sucked until i didn't hear it any more. I let her go and she fell to the floor. i freaked and baked away until i couldn't see here. Suddenly everything want black again. I Jumped from my knees and was about to run out the door when i realized i was in a hospital gown. I ran to the closet and changed out of the gown and ran out of the room. I ran to the th bathroom and saw my face it was covered in blood i washed it. I stood there staring at my self. I frantically started to look at my neck and found it.... 2 dots. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!
It happened it wasn't a dream i fell to the grown crying. I hear a scream and walked to the door and saw a nurse running from my room to a doctor they both ran in to the room and i ran to the stared and out of the hospital to my house. I ran in and lucked my door i walked to my living room and there was someone waiting for me.

"Hello My name is Mr. Lee" he walked tour me but i staped back so he stopped and smiled at me. I felt a little clam when i heard his voice and saw his smile.

"I know what you are Mr Kim Jaejoong"
"who do you know my name?"
"i know alot about you....like what happend in the ally and in the hospital but dont worry im here to help you"
"What am i?"
"You already know"
"yes...come with me and you'll be safe...I can teach you how to control your hunger and can supply you with blood with out hurting any one"
"w-why do you want to help me?"
"I was just like you...the one who turned me left me for dead and I was stuck with this by myself... Its something no one expiration"
I stared at him as he walked to the light reviling his handsome face and fangs as he smiled.
"Once i took control of my self I have found people like me and helped them i want to help you...They know what you did and they will lock you up and if you go to long with out blood you will kill out of instanced it cant be helped"
I could hear siren's and cars pulling up. COPS!!! He extended his hand

"come on..i'll hid you but we need to go NOW!!!"
"COME ON .....you'll be locked up for years you cant go cold turkey for that long you'll kill police and inmates...now come on"
I took his hand and we jumped out the window with him.

That was a month ago. And I find my self wishing the cops found me. Mr.Lee took care of me for a 2 week. Teaching me all i need to know before he looked me up in his club.  Punish. Where all you fantasy's can become real. All you need is money.
Its a club where new vampires with out their Father's are turned to slaves and rented to violent, sexaholics, and mentally disturbed rich fucks. To do what ever there little heart desired.

Welcome to Punish....Your Eden....My Hell.
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